Friday, February 26, 2021

Using Content Schema in Reading

Relating your past experiences and knowledge to what you are presently reading is one important skill of an efficient reader. These past experiences and knowledge are collectively called schemata. With schemata, you are certain that there is something you already know and experienced that will help you make sense of a new reading material.

Applied Subjects

Kalikasan ng Akademikong Sulatin

Kalikasan ng Akademikong Sulatin

Batayan o kalikasan ng akademikong sulatin ang paraan upang ito ay maisulat. Ang paraan ng pagsulat ay umiikot sa batayang diskurso na maaaring magsalaysay, maglarawan, maglahad, at mangatuwiran. Ang apat na pangunahing akademikong diskursong ito kadalasan ay may pinagbabagayang disiplina o larangan ng akademikong sulatin.
Mga Katangian ng Akademikong Sulatin

Mga Katangian ng Akademikong Sulatin

Ang akademikong sulatin ay nagtataglay ng iba't ibang katangian. Ito ay ang pagkakaroon ng komprehensibong paksa, angkop na layunin, gabay na balangkas, halaga ng datos, epektibong pagsusuri, at tugon ng kongklusyon.
market research

Observation Technique in Market Research

Observation technique is probably one of the best ways of gathering data about customers in their natural setting without having to interact or talk...
market research

Focus Group Discussion Method in Market Research

Focus group discussion (FGD) is one of the most common qualitative research tools. It is effective in extracting consumer and non-consumer experiences regarding products,...


The Social Function of Business

Businesses have varied social responsibilities. These include poverty alleviation, overcoming poverty trap, morality of advertising, environment-related responsibilities, job creation, etc.


The Historical Basis of Modern States

There are five (5) different kinds of states. They are presented below according to the order of their development: primitive states, city-states, Roman Imperial states, feudal states, and modern states.

Theoretical Basis of State​

There are various theories that suggest the basis of state. These are Divine Right Theory, Social Contract Theory, Patriarchal and Matriarchal Theories, Instinctive Theory...

What is the Physical Basis of State?

The physical basis of State includes territory and people. Territory includes lands and all inland bodies of water and the sea within the three (3) mile limit of its shores. People refers to the occupants of the territory.

State vs. Government

Government changes, the State lingers through. There cannot be a State without a government; but there can be a government without a State. The state is an ideal person (i.e. self-sufficient) while the government is just one of its mere instruments.