Months ago, we opened ELCOMBLUS to freelance contributors with an aim of providing more useful information that teachers, students, and the general public can access from the website. Several acceded to the call which resulted in having more accessible content.

However, a number of those published by our freelance contributors were directly lifted from several textbooks of Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. and its sister company Sibs Publishing House, Inc. This is a huge mistake.

ELCOMBLUS wishes to apologize for such a grave mistake that aggrieved publishers Phoenix and Sibs. Our site managers have already taken down the posts in question and are currently auditing other published posts for similar IP violations. The website also commits to cease publishing any content taken from the abovementioned companies and other publications.

To the public, ELCOMBLUS is in no way connected to Phoenix and Sibs. It is a movement that aims to address the disparity in the access to information between the learners in private and public schools by allowing qualified freelance publishers to publish materials based on DepEd’s Curriculum Guide.

Again, we apologize to Phoenix and Sibs for such grave a wrong.

Thank you.