Boon or bane?

Anthrax mail, Nuclear warheads, Ballistic missiles to STEM cell regeneration, penicillin, the very idea of comfortable living, all this, from the whims of science. The world has seen centuries and decades of war. The Roman-Carthaginian war, the hundred years war, world wars 1 and 2, presenting men with horrible power, we have seen the horrifying strength of science lay waste to human lives, ravaging and plowing through entire countries, reaping souls as if it gained from the land, yet we have also seen science’s mercy, curing diseases that could’ve wiped us out, providing sustainability, paving the way to comfortable and easy living. The modern era of man has been all from the deepest, darkest abyss of science’s mind, maybe all this is of science’s unconscious thinking, the wars that ravaged our lands maybe were just his nightmares and the blessings of innovations might just have been a product of daydreaming, this may be but it’s effect on our entire reality is phenomenal. We live in a world secured and defended from diseases, protected from dangers that our ancestors faced, shielded from the plagues that once roamed this world yet still we face death at our doorstep. Many may and will say that this is the price of science, for the human drive of excellence, global warming, hurricanes, earthquakes, and famines, and what if, this would somehow force the people to relinquish everything that has made their lives easier, what do you think would happen?, I’ll tell you, MASSIVE EXTINCTION.  For our species to survive, man must continue to wield the fruits of science for his own good. Man must continue to climb the bloody ladder of glory, man must improve his wits in using science, for us to survive, we need science.