Characteristics of a Good Research Topic

Before embarking on the tedious process of research, researchers have to take into account several factors that will affect the outcome of the study. Undeniably, the first step is choosing a good research topic. But how do we choose a topic that will enable us to produce a very good research? Take into account the following:

  1. The topic is interesting.  An interesting topic will hold the researcher’s interest through the entire research. The determination of whether or not a topic is interesting involves the ability to recognize the current trends, issues, and norm. Does your choice of topic pique your interest?
  2. The topic is researchable.  Being researchable means it can be investigated through the collection and analysis of data and it is not stated as a topic seeking to determine what should be done. Hence, in choosing a topic, make sure that there’s enough data that you can collect and/or use.
  3. The topic is significant.  A significant topic contributes in some way to the improvement or understanding of education theory or practice. Will the topic of your choice solve a specific problem of the status quo? Will the outcome alleviate the suffering of those victims of the same problem? Will it improve life?
  4. The topic is manageable.  A manageable topic fits the researcher’s level or research skills, needed resources, and time restrictions.