Characteristics of a Successful Researcher

To attain a successful investigation, the researcher must possess the following characteristics:

Curious and Determined

A successful researcher is curious and determined to investigate the intricacy of things. Taking pleasure in reading research journals, in finding out different trends in research, and in discovering and learning new things is also a trait of a curious individual.


Efficiency is manifested in the proper use of time, effort, and resources for an intended purpose. In other words, efficiency is doing things right. Qualitative researchers must be efficient in managing research schedules because most often they deal with people, soliciting cooperation and time when gathering data. If the researcher is inefficient, then the respondents’ time will be wasted. When this happens, convening the respondents again for data gathering may be difficult. Furthermore, if the researcher cannot manage the research funds efficiently, there is a great chance that the research will not be finished, and support and confidence of funding agencies may be far-fetched for future research undertakings.


Researchers do not venture on any method to attain their goals. They usually follow procedures identified to the scientific method in finding out answers to their queries. Because of this use of the scientific method, researchers are described to be logical.


Being effective means doing the right things. Researchers must know how to foresee errors, so that they can be addressed immediately, if not totally avoided. Proper procedures should be developed to minimize the effects of errors.


Researchers always respond to the challenges of the modern world. They get involved in all research opportunities available for them, and collaborate with others in research activities relevant to their expertise. They must also be active in sharing information and helping other researchers to further and advocate their research areas.

Practical or pragmatic

Another good quality that a researcher must emulate is practicality. In the event where resources are limited, researchers must be able to find ways to make use of the given resources and locally available materials to compensate for the things needed without compromising the quality of the research output. They must also be aware of other sources of opportunities to deliver what are expected from their research studies.

Problem solver

Researchers always have novel ideas. If a method is not feasible, they have alternative procedures to attain the objectives of the research. They always try to find unique or new ways to handle difficulties in solving a problem.

Intellectually honest

Researchers display a high level of intellectual honesty. They are not swayed to what is expected, but rather to what is true. Regardless of the results of their investigations, good researchers report accurately their findings in their reports. In the event of contrasting results, they find reasons for the cause of conflict.

Does not waste resources

Because of limited resources, successful researchers make it a point that these resources will not be wasted. To them, every single peso is important and must be utilized properly.