Concept Paper: Definition and Example

A concept paper is an academic written discourse that explains a concept, often about something that the writer is thoroughly familiar with and passionate about. As you will note in the given example, it is a summary structured to highlight the significant parts of a more comprehensive research. Usually, a concept paper is the preliminary part of an academic research, written to obtain permission to undertake the research project, or to obtain funding for it. In senior high school and in college, chances are, you will be required to submit a concept paper before being allowed to proceed with your research assignment. This is to ensure that you know the scope and demands of your writing assignment.


Lorena A. Brillo, Ph.D.
UP Open University
December 1, 2017


Instructional consultation is a basic service to students, and it is an important tool in assessing the relevance of important basic institutional services. However, as perceived by students, a substantial gap still exists between the need for instructional consultation information and the current services being rendered by the school.

The post-modernist, process-oriented concept of education has led to policies requiring educators to take a more active role in the education process. The notion of a dialogic and interactive curriculum where knowledge-creation and negotiation are emphasized is a 21″ century byword, making learning more authentic and meaningful to students. The 21″-century curriculum has been described as one that is generative, outcome-based, and interactive, marked by a meaningful transaction between teacher and student.

Project Description
  • To analyze the current instructional consultation program of the higher education unit
  • To assess students’ perception and attitude towards the current instructional consultation process
Expected outcomes 
  • Improved student-teacher relationships, resulting in optimized institutional goals
  • Adoption of improved instructional consultation practices in support of the institutional goals
  • The study could influence policies for students across all disciplines regardless of attitude towards instructional consultation. The study could also change the way teachers regard their role in instructional consultation in the context of a learning paradigm that insists on collaboration.
Indicators of achievement 
  • Increased number of students availing of their instructional consultation privileges
  • Improved consultation rooms
  • Increased number of teachers rendering consultation beyond their required consultation hours
Main activities
  • Writing letters
  • Drafting questionnaires
  • Consulting with experts on the matter
  • Distributing questionnaires and collating data
  • Interpreting results
  • Consulting with statistician
  • Interviewing respondents
  • Organizing an intra-school visit to learn best practices from peers
Project Needs and Cost (P17,000)

Communication (P12.000.00)
Travel to and from interview sites
Token for the respondents and consultant/s
Other incidental expenses
Professional fee for statistician

Supplies (P7,000.00)

Books and other learning resources
Photocopying expenses
Library fee

Duration and Target Date of Completion

January 1- June 30, 2018