Concluding Activities in Teaching

The concluding part of the lesson is as important as the opening and the central parts. In fact, the last things that are said and done are usually what are etched in the minds and hearts of out students. We can’t, therefore, afford to take it for granted. We have to tie loose ends before we end our lesson. Here are some activities that can help us end significantly.

  • finish and review the KWL Chart (L, means I learned. — Make students Complete: I learned
  • “passport to leave” — Each student writes down one thing s/he has learned and shares it with class before leaving.
  • journal writing at the end of the period — Some prompts to use for.a closing journal:
    — Explain to another student, who may have been absent today,. what you learned about ______.
    — What are some real-world examples that reflect the same concept that we studied today? •
  • Preview coming attractions: Introduce a portion of the next day’s lesson in the form of a preview or teaser.
  • 3/2/1 Countdown: Students finish these statements:
    3 facts I learned today …
    2 ways I will use the information /skills I learned today …
    1 question I have …
  • Using analogies
  • Completing unfinished sentences – From this lesson, I learned that ______.
  • Synthesize or summarize the lesson