Criterion-Referenced Test


This is a type of assessment designed to provide a measure of performance that is interpretable in terms of clearly defined and delimited domain of learning task (Reganit et. al., 2010).

Criterion-referenced test is used to describe student performance according to a specified domain of clearly defined learning tasks (Gabuyo, 2012). It is also a standard used to measure whether or not the objective has been achieved (Buendicho, 2010).

Criterion-referenced test emphasizes descriptions of what learning tasks individuals can and cannot perform (Reganit et. al., 2010). These are tests used to determine learners’ mastery of a skill, knowledge, or any subject matter taught to them with reference to criterion established which is usually an absolute standard (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993) and used to determine the achievement of individuals with a comparison to a criterion, usually an absolute standard (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).

  • Uses a specific preset from which a student’s performance is compared without referring to other students’ performance (Rico, 2011).


  • Suppose the criterion set for a test is 75%. All those obtaining 75% and above pass the learning task, and all those below fail or at least need re-teaching (Calderon& Gonzales, 1993).
  • BAR, CPA, medical and nursing examinations (Calderon& Gonzales, 1993).


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