Definition and Qualities of Totalitarian and Dictatorial Governments

Dictatorship is a political system in which the opportunity to participate in decision making is restricted to a few. Political scientists coined the term Totalitarianism to refer to Dictatorship’s Modern Version. Totalitarianism was first experienced in the Stalinist USSR.

For our purposes, totalitarian form of government refers to a political system in which the government absolutely dominates every aspect of the lives of its people.

Six (6) Distinct qualities of Totalitarianism

  1. An elaborate ideology that covers each and every phase of an individual’s life.
  2. A single party (political party) that typically led by an individual.
  3. Widespread system of terror against the external and internal enemy of the regime.
  4. Total control of the Mass Communication.
  5. Monopoly over the weaponry and the Armed Forces.
  6. Control over the direction of the entire Economy.