Difference Between Constitutions and Statutes

It is important It is important to discuss the difference between a constitution and a statute, this will give us a better understanding on the nature of constitutions. Constitution and statute is different in terms of:

Source of Origin

Originates from the peopleOriginates from the people’s representatives as they interpret the constitution
Expresses the general will of The people. A constitution is the power or supreme or fundamental law of the state

Nature and Purposes

Provides the general framework for the formulation of statutes. It merely states the general framework of the law and governmentsExplains in detail the subject matter of the Constitution. Statute provides the details of the subject of which it treats.
It is general and forward-looking. Intended not merely to meet existing condition but to govern the futureIt tries to primarily to meet existing conditions only, that is, it address the present conditions but It always adheres with constitutions.