Earn CPD units ONLINE!

If there’s an ideal thing that outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes has done for Filipino professionals, it’ll be the CPD Law or the Continuing Professional Development Law. It is so ideal that a lot of us are complaining about it for being unrealistic. Lawmakers have been receiving a barrage of petitions to repeal it but none of the filed bills have thrived to the third reading. With continued opposition of professionals to the law, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) was pressured to revise its Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR). Regardless of such revision and many clamors, the truth is we still have to earn CPD units for our license to get renewed, period.

Good news

What if I tell you that you don’t have to physically attend seminars to earn CPD units and just have it online instead? Well, that is a bit surprising for some but for most, it’s not new. AMA University offers PRC-accredited online courses that will earn you the holy CPD units. I know you have a lot of questions in mind so I included in here the frequently-asked questions :

Is AMA CPD Online accredited by PRC?

AMA CPD is the online learning platforms of AMA University for all professionals. It is a PRC-recognized-and-Accredited Institution. Certifications earned through AMA CPD Online are official and granted by PRC.

When to attend online trainings and seminars?

A participant can attend online seminars anytime at his/her most convenient time. You can have it on weekends or even on midnights.

Do we have online speakers/instructors?

Yes! There are instructors that may answer your questions via e-mail.

Are online training and seminars have duration?

Though it is not necessary that you attend these seminars and training in consecutive days, it is a must that you shall finish your availed program within 30 days.

What if I wasn’t able to finish the training and seminars within the given time?

No Worries! You may request an extension program to continue your access. Kindly email mycpd@amauonline.com for further assistance.

Getting Started

Who can apply in AMA CPD Online?

All professionals with PRC License.

How to register?

Go to http://portal.amauonline.com/auth/register.

What are the needed requirements to submit?

-PRC License
-Updated CV
-Birth Certificate

Where to submit my credentials?

Please submit your credentials to mycpd@amauonline.com. Don’t forget to indicate your full name and degree.

Do I need to submit the hard copy of my credentials?

No need to submit the hard copy. Only scanned copy is needed.

How do I know if I can already start?

You will get an email regarding the activation of your registered program.

What if I encountered internet and electricity problems while accessing! What do I do?

Assessments are automatically saved whenever such cases arise. You can go back anytime and start again since you have unlimited attempts.

When can I take online assessments?

Take your assessments after you’ve thoroughly understood your lessons from modules, presentations, and video lectures.

Is there time duration for assessments?

There’s no duration while taking online assessments since participants have granted unlimited attempts.

Are learning materials downloadable?

AMA CPD Online does not permit downloading of learning materials such as modules, presentations, and video lectures. All content of Printing, Copying, and Distributing the content illegally is punishable by Law.

Once I am done with the training what’s next?

You may enroll and be a participant of multi training.

After I finished the online seminar/workshop when and where can I get my certificates with corresponding number points?

All certificates are issued by 10 working days after completion of the online seminar/workshop.

Fees and Payment Process

How much is the fee per program?

The tuition fee varies per program. Please email mycpd@amauonline.com for further assistance.

How do I process the payment?

All the participants are required to pay only on the accredited bank accounts and payment gateways of AMA Online. Please email mycpd@amauonline.com for payment details.

How do I know if my payment was successfully processed?

You will be receiving a confirmation email regarding the status of your payment and program activation.

How do I get my receipt after payment?

We will issue an electronic receipt & send it through your registered email.

After I processed the payment, what will be the next step?

Once payment is validated, the course administrator will activate the program you registered for.

Can I avail a discount?

Early registration can avail 10% discount for the total assessment.