Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho – Plot Analysis


Maria was a girl from a small town in Brazil. She dreamed of having a life like any other girl would want. A prince to sweep her off her feet, and a happy ending


Maria, left with no choice, has to engage herself in prostitution and earn three hundred francs per customer and at least three customers a night. She struggles to keep her soul from her body.


When Maria after working for two years saved enough money and goes on a week’s vacation in the city of her dreams, Rio de Janeiro, and from there Roger, a Swiss man appears and offers a luxurious life and made her sign a contract, without her knowing, that she would end up as a prostitute in Geneva.


Despite nights with copious men, Maria met Ralf, a famous painter in Geneva, with whom she had “sacred sex”, where there is love and passion.  He tells Maria that he can see her “inner light” as a person. He had shown to Maria a certain element that could bring man happiness: companionship.


When Maria finally decided to quit as a prostitute in Milan’s club, planned to return to her native land in Brazil, left Ralf whom she already had an intense love. When she’s still in the airport she has wishful thinking that Ralf would appear in front of her to reveal his love and so, it happens Ralf declared his undying love to her.


After many trials and troubles of love, especially the confusion of the desire of pain, they both keep stand to what they want, each other. This made them more inclined to each other as Ralf Hart explained to Maria the Concept of Pain as a desire in substitute to love.

Ralf Heart surprised Maria in Paris where she didn’t expect him to be there. She was supposed to go home and fulfill at she had promised to herself with a little detour in Paris. He gave her a Bouquet of white roses