Explicit Hearts by B.B.P. Hosmillo


Towards emancipation because that’s a beguiling thought.
Isn’t it remarkable that the supernatural in us is still human?
I’ve licked my grassy chest so as to clear it and in a way to think
that it stores magnificence, and right at its center is a face


only bonfire that’s seen all the chicaneries of the moon could leave
as abysmally engraved as that. As diary of a general name to remember
the passing of slaves or victims or overpowered lunatics discovered
by the gross of night. I sometimes think that we have the right to be
clean or to take advantage of our innocence. We came here already


carrying our urns without knowing those defined jars have been told
to make us I say. In agreement other urns and other bodies
make us. Cancer and hepatitis and causes of AIDS and signs of
aging in isolation best understood as the wake of our vigilance.
After midnight I wait for a cardiac arrest. You wait to tell me


we have to wake up together and get married again.
We then vow at the same time morning pulls a secret bone
from that which supports our walking and thoughtfulness.
At dusk I count how many injuries we have laughed at and suffered.
At dawn you forgive our urns as you remember we are still


people. The supernatural in us is still human. Even our struggle.
As you rub my back with the telescope of your chin as though
to check whether my spine’s complete I’m already welcoming
another thief that’s beyond my, our capacity. Movements
to surrender. How gentle you and I have always been


but have never been viewed in this accord, in this delight.
Movements this familiar as intimacy and breath and personality.
Movements without any intent to harm because harm, as we put
our lives in the tray of morning in inspection, is more of a myth
than ourselves. Give me that which will put me easily to my urn


and I’ll ask you where you want to be kissed. Show an undeniable
conflict if there is anything left. Ask boredom to plot a climax,
to burn my shoes, or to break the nearest thing which is my nose
reminding your neck of an animal that was once lost in the woods,
scented every possible trace that had more possibility than scent,


and later called the woods its home. Tell me the woods indubitably
could never be a home and Ill marry you again. Expect me
walking. I will pull the last secret bone of your incredible
thoughts then tell myself how great I am to have loved a human.