Guidelines for Writing a Concept Paper

Do a thorough research on your chosen topic. Read more than just one learning resource and explore as many articles about the topic as you possibly can to make sure you have a thorough understanding of your research project.

Outline important ideas to make sure you have included the significant details, including target date of completion and estimated cost. Outlining is an important prewriting’activity that can guide you in formulating important aspects of your topic. From the outline, you can decide how to proceed with your writing task.

Write each part one at a time, based on your outline. Think of your writing assignment as one big chunk that you have to divide into separate parts. Approach the task as you would normally approach any chore—focusing on one difficult task first without losing sight of the less important tasks.

Be realistic when you set your goals and timeline. Calendar your activities and anticipate possible setbacks. You might wish to set your timeline by estimating exactly how many months you are away from your target date of completion. From there, you can plan your activities in view of the remaining weeks left before the deadline.

Capitalize on the obvious advantages of your project description, for this is the part that will determine the merit of your project. Justify the reasons why you are undertaking the research project and make this clear to the stakeholders. Discuss what makes your research project different from those that have been undertaken before and explain the benefits of your research project not only to your particular discipline but to the greater majority.