How to Openline/Unlock Huawei F362 Handset

    When I opted out of my Globe Plan, I found out that I can’t use my handset with other SIMs because it is network-locked. The fact that Huawei handset has longer battery life, I wanted it to serve as my alternative phone in case my main phone’s battery got busted. After searching on the internet for how many hours as to how to unlock this phone, I found these steps which actually worked 100%. I have spent less than three minutes to unlock it; the steps are so easy to follow.

    Change IMEI Instructions
    1. Key in *1673495 then dial.
    2. Choose Para Set.
    3. Choose Update IMEI Number then key in either of these two IMEIs:1864992024531967 or 1864992024531967 then press exit.
    4. Key in  ###1111# and press the dial.
    5. Choose NCK then enter these numbers: 4917904896193488
    6. Press OK.
    7. Choose SIM Card Lock then press OK then select Off

    After step 7, your phone will display “INSERT SIM” and will turn off immediately. After a few moments, when you are sure that it is turned off already, turn it back on and it’s done. You can now insert any SIM you prefer.

    NOTE: There are times that the original IMEI of your phone will be back but you don’t have to worry because your phone is still in an open line.

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