Importance and Functions of Culture

Culture is what distinguishes human beings from the lower animal forms making them unique. It is a powerful force in the lives of all people and shapes and guides people’s perceptions of reality.

  1. Culture helps the individual fulfill his potential as a human being. It helps In the regulation of a person’s conduct and prepares him so he can participate in the group life
  2. Through the development of culture, man can overcome his physical disadvantages and allows him to provide himself with fire, clothing, food and shelter. The invention of the buses, ships, and airplanes enables man to reach places within a shorter period of time. With modern technology, man easily communicates with friends and relatives in distant places.
  3. Culture provides rules of proper conduct for living in society.
  4. Culture also provides the individual his concepts of family, nation, and class. It also creates. new needs and arranges for their satisfaction.