Intercultural Communication Role Play Rubric

    Group Rubric

    The elements of the group plan were coherent; all were pointing to one idea.54321
    The group submitted the plan on time and followed the instructions given.54321
    The group showed unity in realizing what they have planned.54321
    The group has slated the ways as to how they would address people of different culture and linguistic background.54321
    The members of the group have collectively shown interest in communicating with people from different ethnolinguistic groups with the use of appropriate nonverbals.54321
    The cultural performance is unique and creative.54321
    The group showed originality in their cultural performance.54321
    Mastery and synchronization were observed during the performance.54321
    The group members wear their national dress code.54321

    Individual Rubric

    The student showed interest in the task by participating in the planning, practice, and actual performance.54321
    The student was serious with the role given to him/her. He executed what is expected out of him/her.54321
    The student strictly followed his/her group’s plan, especially the do’s and don’ts.54321
    The learner has not offended any citizen of any country.54321
    The student tried his/her best to communicate with others with the use of nonverbals.54321
    The student adjusted his tone and pacing to suit the tone and pacing of the one he/she was communicating with.54321
    The learner promoted his culture by talking about what his/her country famous for and what makes them special.54321
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