Language and Literature Research

There are a number of definitions of research. These definitions emphasize the purposes of research, the methods and strategies used, the analysis of data, and the ethics in conducting research.  Below are some of the definitions given by the research practitioners themselves.
  1. It is the utilization of various methods and strategies to gather truthful and accurate information about problems and issues related to language and literature study.
  2. It is the carrying out scientific method or analysis; it entails the application of formal, systematic, and intensive processes to yield significant information or data about the research questions and/or objectives.
  3. It is the systematic, objective, and literature-based analysis of scientifically recorded data which may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, models, theories, and prediction of events.

Characteristics of a Good Research

There are several factors to be considered in undertaking a research.  These factors
  1. The topic is interesting.  It will hold the researcher’s interest through the entire research.
  2. The topic is researchable.  It can be investigated through the collection and analysis of data and it is not stated as a topic seeking to determine what should be done.
  3. The topic is significant.  It contributes in some way to the improvement or understanding of education theory or practice.
  4. The topic is manageable.  If it fits the researcher’s level or research skills, needed resources, and time restrictions.