Lee McGaan’s 4 Tenets of Effective Communication

Lee McGaan, a prominent linguist, espoused the 4 Tenets of Effective communication. These are:


All members of an organization, at all levels, must be committed to the idea that effective communication is a high priority in their jobs. This includes monitoring and constructive feedback including rewards and corrections from the top-level positions. On the lower level, it includes reporting and adherence to changes and corrections.


Open communication is the way to a shared context. One must listen to different perspectives and knowledge to increase understanding in order to build shared meanings. Thus, both the sender and the receiver must share similar contexts for messages, so that both of them understand the message in the same way.


Words and actions must be consistent. Everyone must stick to the organization’s Mission, Vision, Goals, and perspectives. Important themes, goals, facts, and perspectives must be repeated often, in various forms and through a variety of channels.


Good communicators recognize that they must be concerned, not only with the content of their messages but with what those messages say about their relationships with the receivers. Communicators, especially leaders, must be concerned with the receiver’s point-of-view first.