Norm-Referenced Test


  • A type of assessment designed to provide a measure of performance that is interpretable in terms of an individual’s standing in some group (Reganit et al., 2010).
  • Emphasize discrimination among individuals in terms of relative levels of learning (Reganit et. al., 2010).
  • Are tests used to determine the performance of the learners in a test the result of which are characterized by validity otherwise there is no measurement (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).
  • Are used to determine the achievements of individuals in comparison with the achievements of other individuals who take the same test (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).
  • Are designed to produce variability among individuals (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).
  • Are used for selection and grouping purposes (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).
  • Gives us information on what a student can do in comparison with other students in the class (Rico, 2011).


  • The score of a student is interpreted by comparing his/her score to other individuals (Reganit et. al., 2010).
  • Suppose a student obtain 65 in a test. This student is better than those students below 65 and all students with scores above 65 are better than he is (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).
  • The NCEE and tests are given for the selection of honour student, scholarship grantees, new employees, and old employees who would undergo training for higher positions (Calderon & Gonzales, 1993).


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