Parts of a Field Report

Field reports, just like all forms of academic writing, have the basic parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. In the sample field report, note that these essential parts are present.

The introduction explains the rationale or objectives—the reason why the writing project is being carried out. The reader needs to know why the event is significant. In the sample field report, a brief background was cited including an overview of the program. This section is significantly similar to the introductory part of most writing assignments, including the research paper which discusses the whys and whats of the research topic.

In the body of the field report can be found the highlights of the event including who were involved, what and why the events happened. In the sample field report, note how this section discusses such noteworthy details as the age disparity of the participants, the strategies used to address the age-disparity issue, the presence of other student-volunteers, and the culminating activity where the participants showcased their talents.

Because a field report describes a particular event, it must include a comprehensive account of the event. A blow-by-blow account of the event is not uncommon in this type of report. However, although a blow-by-blow account is usually done where significant persons, remarks, or activities are often highlighted, the unifying theme should not be left out.

In the sample field report, note how the dates were included in the writer’s account. This is to validate or prove the authenticity of the event being described. Oftentimes, a field report is accompanied by visual proof of the reporter’s participation in the event such as pictures, actual testimonials of resource persons, and program of activities. All of these add to the authenticity of the occasion.

As with other types of academic writing, a clincher or conclusion is necessary to piece together the report. In the sample field report, note how the event has led to the writer’s realization of life-changing lessons.