Phonetic Phoolishness (Foolishness)

    A Tongue Twister Poem

    If you pronounce head, dead and bead
    You’ll hear the last the last word rhyme with deed
    And in this “poem” you will find
    Many items of its kind

    For instance:
    Dear and fear and hear but bear
    Gear and fear but wear and tear
    Yeast and least and beast but pleasant
    Beast but breast and pleased but peasant

    Meant but peat and sweat but great
    The last word rhymes with freight and weight
    Quite different again is height
    Which sounds like bike, indict and light

    The next line should be read with care
    The praying prayer says his prayer
    Bean and lean and mean but meant
    Note “g” in gem and gent

    Vice but crevice, advice and device
    Lice but malice, police concise
    We say dreamt but also dreamed
    The latter rhyming with esteemed

    Grew and blew and new but sew
    Cow and row but sow and row
    Measles does not sound like measure
    The same applies to treason – treasure

    Braid and maid and laid but said
    Treat but threat and threat but tread
    A prison is often called a jail
    Which word is also written as: gaol

    Now not the difference with goal
    Which rhymes with foal, and dole and roll
    Owl and jowl are not likely bowl
    Try foul then ghoul and lastly soul

    We say freak and streak but steak
    Leak and freak and speak but break
    Meadow has the sound of “E”
    Note: Lead and lead, read and read

    Wear but weary, heard but beard
    Dread but dreary, earned but eared
    Bait is gait and strait but plaid
    Leave out the “G” in gnaw and gnat

    Sward but sword and word but Lord
    Load and toad and road but broad
    Cereal does not sound like seal
    Real is not like zeal and heal

    Mint but pint and cork but work
    Dull and gull and hull but full
    Lull and skull abut bull and pull
    Our flour, but tour and pour

    We say bone and lone but gone
    Pronounce it like don and dawn
    Tone and scone and throne but done
    Phone and home and scone but none

    Now reader, always bear in mind
    The difference between wind and wind
    The latter rhymes with bind and kind
    Heave, heath, heave, heathen heather
    Breathe but breath and feather leather

    Lethal, nether, either, tether
    Giddy, give but gist and gin
    Bury is pronounced like berry
    “CH” is chaste and chore and chin

    Quite different from “CH” in anchor
    Which rhymes like tanker and banker
    Chemist, chasm and choir
    The last word is pronounced like quire

    Tier and bier bur brier crier
    Couch and vouch but douche and touch
    Butcher does not sound like crutch

    Over has the spelling of lover
    And of glove and dove and cover
    Hover is not pronounced as clever
    Which sounds like Dover, and like rover

    Lever rhymes with fever but sever
    Sounds quite different however
    Now have a shot at evil – devil
    Reveal and revel; on the level

    Desert and dessert; some and home
    Tomb and womb; bomb but comb
    Lie – alive – live – but – live
    Gauze but gauge; believe and sieve

    Should is different form shoulder
    The same applied to could and boulder
    Bound but wound and rush but push
    Lumber – plumber; crush but bush

    Herring – erring; cloth but both
    Eve but ewe; and froth – betroth
    No “t” is heard in fasten – hasten
    Which makes them rhyme with mason

    First say danger, then say anger
    Mind: the latter rhymes with clanger
    Count but country; southern – south
    Disguise but bruise; youth but mouth

    The same applies to listen – soften
    Nasty – hasty; faster – chaster

    Hose but lose; canoe but woe
    Can you pronounce without mistake?
    MacLeod – quay – Rachel – ache
    Petal – penal – want – pant – slant

    Van – van rabues – grand and grant
    I don’t blame you if you cant
    Worm but form and doll but toll
    Horse but worse and lost but post
    Cost and frost but most and ghost

    Calm and valve and ball but pal
    Tall but tally; gall and gal
    Star and bar and par but war
    I wonder if you want some more

    If so, try realm-created-treated
    Debate-ate-senate. Can you beat it?

     Aunt is not like vaunt and gaunt
    Not like vaunt and taunt and haunt
    Brook but brooch and brood but blood
    Hood but mood and food but flood

    Minute differs from minute
    The latter rhymes with cute and mute
    Brocade and decade; bow and bow

    Lout, pout quote and route but route
    Make it rhymes with shoot and fruit
    Enough but hiccough; plough but trough
    Cough but though and lastly through
    All seven different you know!

    Then try: schism, schedule, scheme
    Trample differs from ram
    Meander equally the same with mean
    And cleanse is not pronounced as clean

    Mayor but major; down but own
    Friend but fiend; and crown but grown
    Leaf but deaf and front but won’t

    Do you know anything so crafty?
    As those puzzles I bet you don’t
    Golf but wolf; chance but change
    Raffle-staff; it does not sound strange!
    Toe, foe, doe and hoe but shoe
    Dag, dub, hug but huge and Hugh
    There are many more but these will so

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