Project Method in Teaching

The project method is a teaching method that requires the students to present in concrete form the results of information gathered about a concept, principle or innovation. The data can be organized and presented in the form of a Model, a dramatization or any visual illustration. The design will show an application of how the principle works. It is sometimes referred to as “self-directed study.” It can be an assignment agreed upon by both teacher and student. The project may be a task or a product.


  1. It is a teaching strategy that emphasizes “learning by doing.”
  2. Constructing projects develops the students’ manipulative skills.
  3. The planned design of the project tests the student’s originality in choosing the materials to be used. They become resourceful and innovative.
  4. It can be employed among students who are weak in oral. communications The finished product can serve as. evidence of learning achieved.
  5. The completed project adds to one’s s feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, thus motivating students to continue constructing new projects in school and at home.
  6. It instills the values of initiative, industry and creativity.
  7. Working on a project in groups develop the spirit of cooperation and sharing of ideas.
  8. In addition to learning a concept, students become productive and enterprising.

Guidelines For Its Effective Use

  1. Assign the project to a student who is capable and interested.
  2. The student must be clear about the objectives of the project including the criteria that must be used in evaluating the finished project.
  3. The design of the project must be carefully checked before the student starts.
  4. The materials must be carefully selected as to suitability and durability to avoid wastage.
  5. There should be minimal supervision as soon as the construction is going on.
  6. Give recognition and simple awards for well-constructed projects to add to students’ feeling of confidence and accomplishment.

Outstanding projects could be displayed to serve as models.