Providers of Information

1. Academic Institutions.

Academic institutions are schools, colleges, and universities that confer academic degrees. They are dedicated to education and research. Students and faculty members of academic institutions continually seek knowledge for themselves and for their community. The wealth of information they hold can be harnessed from their classrooms, libraries, research and training centers, museums and performance halls, publications, and websites.

Private academic institutions are funded primarily through tuition fees and private donations (e.g. Ateneo, UST). State universities are public academic institutions largely supported by the government (e.g. UP, PUP). Academic institutions also source funding from local and international organizations and benefactors.

2. Government Agencies.

A government agency is an organization under the government which is responsible for the administration of a specific function. Examples are PAGASA, which informs us about the weather, and PHIVOLCS, which monitors volcanoes and earthquake faults. There is even a government agency specifically tasked to keep Filipinos informed about the government (PIA or Philippine Information Agency). Taxes we pay help fund these government agencies. 

Various permanent and non-permanent government agencies employ experts in a specific field. Some positions in the government may require passing the Civil Service Exam. Some go through an appointment process, while some must be elected. Government agencies gather and disseminate information not for profit but to build a well-informed citizenry. In a democratic society, they are accountable to the people.

3. Private Sector.

The private sector includes businesses, organizations, and other players in the economy that are not owned or operated by the government. They provide goods and services for profit. Competition for the consumers’ support pushes them to continually improve the products and information that they provide.

4. Private Individuals.

Considered private individuals are those who do not represent another person, corporation, or group. A private individual must be motivated to tell the truth, to help, and to do the right thing when giving information.