Relationship Between Communication and Culture

The relationship between communication and culture is complicated. Culture is passed on to generations through communication. Communication is also influenced by culture. It is important to know about the concept of culture to better understand intercultural communication.

Culture reflects how a particular group interprets meaning or makes sense of the world, which in turn reflects how they behave and use language to communicate. Cultural values, therefore, do not only constitute a particular group’s customs and traditions, values, beliefs, or music, literature, and art, but also its language use and communication styles and practices. Cultural differences are also present among people who live in the same community and speak the same language. For instance, your gender, religion, organization, or race dictates how you see yourself and how you interact with people. Culture affects how you perceive the world, how you behave, and how you communicate. To be able to function effectively in a multicultural society, one must have awareness of his or her own cultural identity, respect cultural differences, and develop sensitivity and flexibility in adjusting to various cultures.