Strange Affair by Peter Robinson – Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

A young lady was worried about a black Mondeo which she thought was following her as she drove in A1 in the middle of the night. She pulled her car over at the right side of the lane to make sure that it was indeed following her. But the Mondeo overtook her. There was a relieving feeling she had felt; she thought, she was just paranoid. As she continues driving, she never noticed that she had overtaken the dark Mondeo while she enjoys listening to the song Summer Wind. She felt hungry, so she decided to stop over at the Watford Gap service station, eat her sandwich and washed up with a diet Coke and filled her car a fuel which she paid for using her credit card. While she’s filling her car with fuel, she noticed a man throwing his eyes on her breasts; she thought he was just one of those perverts who love to feast during that time of the night. After fueling she popped into her car with a full coffee mug.

Meanwhile, Inspector Alan Banks heard the voice of Penny Cartwright singing Strange Affair at the nearest bar. He decided to stop over and have a little chat with Penny and invites her for a dinner but Penny refuses. As Penny left her for another set of performances – of course singing Richard Thompson’s song, Alan left the bar thinking Penny’s strange reaction to his invitation. He enjoyed the breeze of the air at the bridge before he decided to be back to his rented flat since his what-so-called home was ruined by fire 6 months ago. Upon arriving, he pours a glass of wine and checks his answering machine for some message. To his surprise, there was only one message and it was coming from his brother Roy. He played Roy’s message and he noticed a touch of tension to Roy’s voice. He played the message again and again; Roy asked him to call back. As an answer to Roy’s request, he called him back thru the number Roy’s left. There was no answer, only the answering machine got his call. He thought maybe Roy is busy so he decided to call him tomorrow morning.

It was Saturday morning when Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot received a call from the headquarters about a woman who was found dead on a car in Peugeot. She managed to sip a cup of coffee and went to the crime scene. Upon arriving, there were two officers who are already at the scene. She asked them about what happened. The officers answered that a couple who went jogging that morning found a woman dead in the car. The lady was holding on to the steering wheel with her right hand and the left is holding to the gear. Her right foot is hitting the clutch while her left is hitting the accelerator. She was around 20 and early 30 of age; her eyes are wide open and she was held up by the seat belt. She is a good-looking one; her pale face, red-dyed hair, and well-shaped breasts made her more appealing. There is no sign of the possible cause of death; no bruises, no bloodstains, not at all that you would think that it might be a heart attack or something internal failure that leads her to death. Annie noticed that the car was hit on the wall through its scratches at the right side of the car.

Annie stepped out and wait for Dr. Burn to arrive to officially declare that the lady is indeed, dead. As she waits for Dr. Burns, she interviewed the couple who found the car. They are Adrian and Samantha who are having their jogging exercise on that road during that very morning. According to the couple, they thought that a woman needs help since the door is open so they approached her; to their surprise, the woman is not moving anymore and some insects are having feasts on her face. With a touch of shock, they’re afraid that the lady is dead so they called the cops.

Dr, Burns arrived at the crime scene and checked the victim. He told Annie that the woman’s cornea is not yet cloudy so it means that she died just a while ago. Dr. Burns has no idea what would be the possible cause of the woman’s death. But when he further examined the lady, Dr. Burns wiped her hair which covers her face, to his surprise he found a star-shaped wound which they suspected to be gun’s wound.

Annie together with Hatchley searched the car for the possible identity of the victim but they found none. Annie instructed Hatchley to search the car’s registration and was found out that the car was registered to a 27-year old woman named Jennifer Clewes who is living in London. For Annie it makes sense, based on the age and direction of the victim, it could be indeed Jennifer Clewes.

Annie together with Hatchley searched the car for the possible identity of the victim but they found none. Annie instructed Hatchley to search the car’s registration and was found out that the car was registered to a 27-year old woman named Jennifer Clewes who is living in London. For Annie it makes sense, based on the age and direction of the victim, it could be indeed Jennifer Clewes.

Chapter 2

Banks was up as early as eight in the morning. He hadn’t slept well maybe because he was waiting for the phone call which he expected that Roy would do but Roy didn’t. As he sipped his tea, Banks reminisced his life four months ago when the fire ruined his house, his relationship with Annie Cabbot and Penny Cartwright’s strange reaction to his dinner invitation. But when he remembered Roy’s message, he began to be tensed and worried. He rang his parents to ask what is going on there. Sad to say, his parents didn’t know anything. Banks called the number which Roy gave in his message in that previous evening. To his worries, he decides to go to London and find out what the hell is going on.

Meanwhile, Detective Superintendent Gristhorpe called for a meeting to organize the investigation team that would investigate that incident. Annie Cabbot was appointed to be the administrative officer and the rest are assigned to different phases of the investigation. Upon the preliminary result of their investigation, they found out that the woman that has been killed is indeed Jennifer Clewes. During the deliberation, they found out that Jennifer’s death is quite similar to Claire Potter’s murder; the only difference is that Claire had been raped and Jen was not. While they’re having their meeting, Dr. Gauge, an assistant of Dr. Glendenning in the autopsy department entered the room and presented the note they found in Jen’s pocket inscribed the address of Alan Banks; Alan Banks, Newhope Cottage, Beckside Lane, Gratly, near Helmthorpe, North Yorkshire. Everyone was shocked; each of them has their own speculation on what will be the connection of Alan to the victim.

Banks is in London, trying to find out what the hell happened to his brother Roy. He thought of the tensed voice of Roy in his call; something went wrong he thought.  With their closeness when they’re still kids, nobody can take away his concern o his younger brother. Upon arriving at Roy’s house, he pressed the doorbell but there was no answer. “Maybe the doorbell is not functioning,” he thought. He knocked on the door and even shouted inside hoping to be heard, but still, nobody answered. Since no one answered him, he tried to open the door; to his surprise, the door is open. When he entered the house, Banks called Roy’s name but he got no answer. He opened the door nearby and it was leading to the garage, he found Roy’s Porsche; Alan thought why Roy didn’t bring his car with him. He went to the kitchen hoping that Roy is there, but he is not; instead, he found Roy’s phone over the table. It was turned off and Banks turned it on. Alan thought that Roy would never leave his phone especially when he asked Alan to call back the same as the door, he would never leave it opened, because of those, Alan begins to be rattled. He began to feel fear. Banks went to Roy’s room expecting to find something useful that would tell where Roy is, but he just found books, CDs, mouse, and keyboard (no system unit); there is no sign of a laptop even the Palm where Roy usually his files were gone.

A Nikon 4300 camera is at the back of the computer’s compartment but it has no memory card. He found a table where Roy’s files are stored, the tax papers, business registrations and everything related to Roy’s businesses were there. He found Roy’s pencil case where he found a strange one – a pencil which is rectangular in shape but bigger than a natural pencil, its tip is made of metal and somewhat made to plug into something. Banks kept it since because it might have information that would help him out in finding Roy if ever he will not come back early. As he roamed around, he found numerous movies, iPod 406, a stereo system, and a framed family picture, he manages to play one music at Roy’s expensive stereo system. After a while, he got a note paper in his hand and wrote something telling Roy that he dropped by and pin it to where it can be seen easily and after, he left.

Chapter 3

After meeting with other investigators, Annie and Gristhorpe talked about Alan Banks’ involvement in Jennifer Clewes’ murder which in fact his address is found in Jennifer’s pocket. After all, Banks is not anymore staying at Glatford since the fire turns everything into ash. Speculations tore through their minds but they’re not taking away every possibility. They can’t reach Banks since he’s not home and his phone may be left or just turned off; besides, it’s Saturday and everyone is expected to be out for picnics and alike. Gristhorpe asked Annie about the penmanship and Annie was certain that it was not of Banks; besides, if Jennifer is Banks girlfriend or whatever, why would he be going to give his old address? Everything at that time was blurry. Gristhorpe asked Annie to go to London and talk to Kate Nesbit – Jennifer’s flatmate.

Meanwhile, before leaving Roy’s house, he knocked Roy’s neighbors’ doors and. asked where Roy might have gone. One neighbor named Malcolm Farrow let Banks in and Banks managed to ask him a few questions. According to Farrow, Roy was a kind neighbor that everyone could wish for.

Toys arrived home last night by about 9:00 pm and rushed to call someone. Banks thought that he was the one whom Roy was calling. After more or less 15 minutes, a car arrived and Roy went with them to whom the other one has curly hair and fair skin. Farrow cannot describe him well since he was far from where the guy was standing. He also mentioned that after saying hello to him, Roy turned back to lock the gate. After leaving, he never came back since then. Banks asked himself silently that if Roy managed to lock the gate, who opened it? Banks asked Farrow if Roy brought some sort of cardboard box or suitcase, but Farrow was certain that Roy did not. Banks thought that hose missing things on Roy’s house might have been taken after Roy went out.

On the other hand, Annie visited Banks flat before heading to London. She passed through a man who waved at her and as a return, she waves at him also. Upon reaching Banks’ flat, a woman carrying a baby approached her and told her that Banks was out. She was the owner of the flat where Banks is renting. At first, she refused to give Annie the keys until Annie managed to threaten her with a search warrant. After receiving the key, Annie enters in Banks flat. She remembered the days when she and Banks were still a couple. After a few minutes when she realized that her tears are about to fall, she returned the key to the lady without a word and left the flat.

Thinking about where he is going to view the content of the CD he got from Roy’s house, Banks thought of many people who could help him out, even his ex-wife. But suddenly he thought that if this CD contains something fishy about Roy, it could be disastrous.

He browsed Roy’s phonebook and found the mobile number of Corinne, Roy’s fiancé. He rang her and asked her if he could go to her flat to help him up by viewing the content of the CD through her computer; Corinne didn’t refuse. He found on Roy’s call list the name James whom Roy called last. But without any luck, James who’s Roy’s hairdresser didn’t know where Roy might have been.

After leaving Banks’ flat, Annie went to Banks’ cottage which is still under construction, and where Jennifer Clewes was heading last night. She noticed tire tracks and the cottage’s front door was forcedly opened. She got her gloves from her car and she entered the cottage. Her speculations revolved that Jennifer Clewes might have been brought here before she was killed. But what does it have to do with Alan? She finally decided to go to the headquarters and ask Stefan Nowak, an investigation officer to bring SOCO to the cottage.

When banks finally arrived at Corinne’s flat on the first floor of the four-story building, she let him in and headed him to the office where the computer is placed. After telling Corinne all that happened, Banks handed out to Corinne the CD, and Corinne plugged it into the computer and programmed it into the slideshow. There were 1232 pictures that the CD has, all of those pictures were explicit; man’s dick was inserted into a woman’s mouth and the sperms are running down the woman’s face – that sort of thing. When Corinne reaches the point where she cannot take it anymore, she hurriedly unplugged the CD and gave it to Banks. Banks’ understands Corinne’s reaction, instead of continuing viewing such, Banks gave Corinne the pen-like thing he found at Roy’s table. Corinne examined it and told Banks that it was a mini-USB and she plugged it to the computer.

Chapter 4

Annie was rushing to catch up on the train which is heading to where Jennifer’s flat is located. As she passes by the park, she saw Phil Keane (the one who used to be Annie’s boyfriend and the one who burns Alan’s cottage) on the other side of the road. She rushed to him not minding the flowing cars until she heard a deafening horn of a car which was about to hit her; the driver was mad cursing at her as she settles herself down at the other side of the road. She found out that it was not Phil when the man whom she thought was Phil staring at her when she was about to be hit by the car. Upon arriving at Jennifer’s flat, there were two police officers who are enjoying themselves with the food stored at Jennifer’s fridge. They didn’t recognize her and even told her that they were not going to obey her since she is not their guv. When Annie’s pride was attested, she rang Brook, the commander of Kennington Station where these two POs were assigned, and reported their deeds. The two officers stood up and went to the door and went. After near an hour, Kate arrived calling Jennifer’s name. When she headed to the kitchen, she was shocked to see Annie sitting at the chair near the table. With shock and fear, Kate asked Annie what she was doing there and Annie managed to explain it to her. Annie told everything that happens and asked Kate some questions. After asking, she left.

Before Corinne plugged the USB, she asked Banks if it is an act of invading Roy’s privacy; Banks answered her that privacy is nothing when it comes to safety. As they view the files, nothing’s interesting; business reports, ROI and that kind of thing. Banks asked Corinne to print out some of it and Corinne obeyed. They had a little chat first before Banks left.

Kate didn’t get through with her sympathy for Jennifer, so she faints and fell down. Annie put her in a place where she might be comfortable to prevent her from swallowing her own tongue. She put her legs up and wiped her with a wet cloth. When Kate got awakened, she continues interviewing her. Kate had said every piece of information she knew about Jen, from the day they met, to Jen’s annoying boyfriend and to the call Jen received just that previous evening. Kate told Annie about Jen’s job and the way they met because of such a job. When Kate has nothing to add, Annie asked her if she has a sample writing of Jen, Kate gave her the picture with a caption which Jen sent her when she was in Paris. Even at the first look, Annie was certain that the penmanship used in the piece of paper found in the pocket of Jen was similar to the caption on the picture. But still, they have to consult the expert to confirm.

Chapter 5

After leaving Corinne’s flat, Banks went to the post office to send a copy of the CD and USB to the headquarters addressed to his name. When he was done, he bought a laptop and stopped by the nearest restaurant, had his dinner which is washed up by Chateau Mosar. He was nowhere to go; the taxi would probably not bring him to the hotel where he used to stay when he is in London. When he noticed Roy’s phone and key in his pocket, he knew where to go. He will stay at Roy’s house for that night.

Winsome, one of the investigators spent most of her time calling every person who knows Banks and asked where he might have gone, but unfortunately, she got negative answers. Winsome realized that maybe the right persons-to-asked was Banks’ parent, so she did ring them. Luckily, Mrs. Banks got the phone. Winsome asked if she knew where Alan is but Mrs. Banks didn’t know. All she knew was that Alan called her that very morning and asked about Roy. Mrs. Banks was worried if there was something wrong that happened to Alan but Winsome explained that they need Alan to help them out with an investigation. Mrs. Banks gave Roy’s address and Winsome noted it down.

After leaving Kate Nesbit, Annie met DCI Brooks at the restaurant; of course, they talked about Jennifer’s murder investigation with those of Brook’s officers whom he named Blunt and Useless. After a while, Annie’s phone rang. It was winsome telling her that Alan might be at Roy’s as what has been told by Mrs. Banks. Annie got the address given by Winsome and asked Brooks to drive for her to South Kennington in exchange for a dinner which was asked by Brooks.

Kevin Templeton, one of the investigators drove off in the middle of the night with the stone-big raindrops and an ear-splitting thunder just to reach the Newport Pagnell service stations to have his investigation on Jen’s murder case. He dropped by every gas station where Jen might have dropped by on the night she was killed. As he reached the Newport Pagnell station, he went to the CR to pee where he caught a perv eyeing on his private part. Kev zipped his jeans up and shows his warrant card to him and the perv was tensed and run away. When he went inside the station, he saw an Asian lad at the counter and he asked him if he saw the woman in the picture (which is Jennifer), the lad remembered a little and told Kev everything he knew.

As banks got into Roy’s house, he went upstairs with an Amarone in his hand. He picked up Roy’s phone and to his surprise, Annie left a message for Roy and asked him to call back if he has the time. Banks knew it was something official. When he was done sipping a glass of Amarone, Banks took a nap and after a while of sleeping, he heard a phone ringing, he unconsciously answered it and noticed a picture sent to him that looked like a man sitting on a chair, he didn’t pay attention too much to it since he was a little tipsy and sleepy and decided to examine it by the morning.

Chapter 6

Annie got awakened that very morning, she picked up her phone hoping that Roy had rung back but he didn’t. She dialed Roy’s number again but still, there was no answer. After taking a shower and a light breakfast, she decided to visit Melanie Scott, Jen’s school-time friend. As she arrives, Melanie welcomed her and let her in. They had a little convo about her and Jen’s school-time friendship. Melanie mentioned the late girls which Jennifer had mentioned to her but she has no idea who these late girls are. The Berger Lennox was also mentioned where Jen was working. After how many questions, Annie thanked and left her.

Banks got up by eight o’clock in the morning. He was some sort of tipsy due to Amarone he had drunk last night. He took a shower and brushed his teeth and got dressed up with Roy’s belongings on his wardrobe. He snatched the phone from the table and he saw the picture sent to him last night. “Could it be Roy?” Banks asked himself. The picture gives emphasis on a man somewhat tied on a chair, but it was too blurry that you would really think if it was taken by night or during the blackout. When he viewed the call history, he found out that Annie rang again that morning. He weighs in his mind if he’s going to call back to Annie and tell her everything happened, but it was not the right time for Annie to know. Instead, he called DS Burgess and asked him to meet him up.

Alan Banks was being weighed how many times in Gristhorpe’s mind. Everything that makes him came to Gristhorpe’s mind; his relationships, their friendship, career, and everything. Gristhorpe has to find out what is Alan’s connection to Jennifer Clewes before it leaks out. He decided to ring Alan’s parents to find out where Alan is before he exposed him to media and labeled him as wanted if he is not able to show up.

While waiting for his meeting with Burgess, Banks called Julian Harwood, one of Roy’s business associates and decided to meet him up later at the nearest Starbucks station. While waiting for such an appointment, he reviewed one at a time the 1,232 photos stored on a CD. As he examined each, he found a picture that has a different filename and has a much bigger size than the other photos in the CS. The photo starts with the filename DSC which he thought was taken by Roy’s camera. The man in the picture was leaning on the table towards another man sitting opposite to him and looked like he was aware that there is someone stalking him. There were two photos of it taken in rapid succession. Banks wondered why such pictures were altered to these pornographic pictures, do it have to do with Roy’s disappearance? he asked himself.

Gristhorpe asked Winsome to join Kev in tracing back the road where Jennifer might pass last night before she was killed. The copy of the CCTV at the Newport Pagnell service station s their guide in tracking down the man that did it to Jennifer. They’re looking for a man who threw his eyes to Jen’s breasts while she filled her car a fuel. His name is Roger Cropley. They interviewed him and got nothing except an inhospitable treatment.

Chapter 7

Banks met up Burgess in a halal restaurant nearby. They talked about Roy’s previous involvement in illegal businesses. Ant the people involved in such trade. Burgess told everything he knew to help him out in finding his missing brother and offered help if Banks need him. After their convo, Burgess left.

Annie met up with Brook on that very day. They talked about their team’s findings for the investigation. Brooks made mention about Roger Cropley and his suspicious look to Jenefer at the Newport Pagnell service station and nothing more except it.

As agreed, Banks met up with Julian Harwood, Roy’s business associate. Julian answered every question Banks asked him as far as he was concerned. From the illegal business they are into, their profit and the last time they met was being narrated by Julian to Alan. In the end, Alan found nothing interesting.

Chapter 8

After the messy meeting with Julian Harwood, Alan returned to Roy’s house. To his surprise, Annie is there sitting at the chair near the table in the kitchen. Annie asked him if he wants tea or wine. Banks laughed sarcastically. After a short light argument, they have their own storytelling on what the hell is going on. Banks is to Roy’s disappearance and Annie is to Jennifer’s murder case. After Alan asked her if she could let him be part of the investigation but Annie refuses.

After heavy rain, somebody rang the doorbell. Alan hurried to the door hoping that it would be Roy, but he was mistaken. It was Reverend Ian Hunt, Roy’s church mate. Alan let him in and told him about what is happening and s expected, Ian was shocked. Ian told Alan about Roy’s strange behavior after the bombing in the World Trade Center; since then, Roy’ begun to send himself to church every Sunday. As a pastor, Ian visits Roy since he was able to attend the church mass that day. After sipping a cup of tea, Ian left Alan leaving more information about Roy which he indeed never knew before.

It was afternoon when an eight-year-old Michaela enjoys watching the Ferris wheel down the Westminster Bridge. She was excited about her ride after. Suddenly, she noticed the crowd pointing down the bridge. She asked her father to bring her there but her father brought her to her mom instead. Before reaching her mother’s hand, she heard a woman screaming that “dead body”. Michaela was scared that she might not be able to have her ride later.

Thinking about Ian’s revelation about his brother Roy, Alan imagined his childhood days with Roy. To lighten up the heavy feeling he had, he played music at Roy’s stereo system. After how many minutes, he heard a phone ringing at the table. He rushed up, picked it up and then answered it.

Banks arrived at the Westminster Bridge a few minutes after he received the call. Urges called him up and asked to identify the dead body of Roy’s age but it is not yet affirmed that it was of Roy’s. A hidden fear, Banks approached the dead body and when he saw it, he was about to fall apart.  It was like the world stops for a minute and nothing he could hear but his heartbeats and his blood flowing through his veins. He didn’t know what to do. Confirmed, that the dead body found was of Roy’s. Banks thought of his parents, their reaction if they’ll know what happened to their favorite son. Alan stepped back from the body and lit a cigarette.

Chapter 9

Annie arrived at the Berger Lennox center at none o’clock in the morning, time to the office hour of the said center. A woman in the information desk named Carol Prescott entertained her. Annie introduced herself and asked her fa ew questions. Carol referred Annie to Dr. Alex Lukas, a resident doctor of Berger Lennox. Annie asked Dr. Lukas necessary questions including the what-so-called late girls but Dr. Lukas seemed to be not knowledgeable of such. When Annie asked her about Roy Banks, Alex reddened. She said that Roy has been there at her office when Roy brought her daughter to her to set for an abortion. And there, he met Jennifer Clewes who is working at the center, Dr. Lukas didn’t know any more about their relationship.

Long after Annie visited the Berger Lennox center, Banks is making his way to Peterborough – to his parents. He was out of attention as he drives by thinking about how he is going to tell his parents what happened. He decided to call his children to inform them what had happened and to warn them to refrain from media, and also Malcolm Farrow whom he promised to inform him if he already found Roy.

Upon arriving, the old Banks welcomed Alan. He offered Alan a tea and had a little chat before Alan told the truth. Mr. Banks couldn’t believe it much more than Mrs. Banks. Alan tried his best to let them understand the situation. Mr. Banks understands a bit but Mrs. Banks struggles more. She often uttered Roy’s name and had a self-talking even if she was alone. Mr. Banks took care of her and Alan rang every person who deserves to be informed about Roy’s death.

Everything seems to be clearer for Annie. Jen and Roy are seeing each other. Dr. Lukas recommended Georgina (Jen’s assistant) to her for most of the time is with Jennifer at her office. Georgina told Annie how good Jennifer was and every piece of information she knew. Annie was quite satisfied with Georgina’s stories and after the interview, she left the center.

Chapter 10

The father and son Banks had their discourse about the stories behind Roy’s death; and of course, Alan didn’t mention Roy’s involvement in some fishy businesses. They’re worried about Mrs. Banks health due to her strange reaction to Roy’s unexpected death. After chatting with his father, Alan went to the stock room where he used to store his childhood memories with Roy. The ambiance and memories they’ve made almost tore him apart. Roy’s childhood box which is still padlocked is still there. He reminisced their past memories and his sorrowful feeling keeps on getting heavier when it reaches the point in which he can’t take it anymore, he left the room.

The news about Roy’s death reached the Western Area Headquarters where Alan was assigned. Winsome and Hatchley felt sorry for their sir about what happened to his brother. After Winsome and Hatchley had their chat, the phone rang, DC Owen of Heathrow called to inform them that the black Mondeo they’re finding was found crashed and was driven by two minors, the one named Wesley Hughes who drove the car and is 16 years old was dead. The car was seen by Roger Cropley the time he dropped by at the Watford Gap services station. Daryl Gooch, a 15-year-old lad who is with Wesley is still at the hospital and doing good. Winsome and Hatchley hurried up to the hospital where Daryl was confined to have him interviewed. According to Daryl, they just found the car open and its key is still on its ignition, and there’s no sign that someone owns it; so they took it. Winsome suspected that the car was abandoned in order for them not to be traced.

Annie was not that satisfied with Carol’s statement; that’s why she went back to Dr. Lukas to gather more information. For Annie, Dr. Lukas didn’t tell the whole truth in their last interview. After weighing that their talk seemed to be useless again, she left Dr. Lukas.

Kev Templeton went back to Roger Cropley’s residence for a follow-up investigation. Mrs. Cropley him in and let him sit t the sofa. Kev started to ask Mrs. Cropley if she observed something strange from her husband. At this time, the investigation revolves around Claire Potter’s case and not of Jen’s. But Kev got no positive response from Mr.s Cropley so he decided to leave.

Chapter 11

Annie and Brook made their way to where the two lads found the black Mondeo. Near the area is Alf Seaton’s house. The old Seaton saw the arrival and departure of that black Mondeo they’re referring to. Annie asked him if he could describe the person who left the car but the old Seaton didn’t make a good look at him but he described the basic things he remembered, the hair, body proportion, and alike.

Amidst reminiscing their childhood days, Alan decided to call his son Brian to let him know what had happened to their uncle Roy. As expected, Brian was shocked upon hearing that Roy was shot. Alan advised him to stay away from reporters nor give any comments to them.

Annie called Victor Parson (the man who keeps on pestering Jennifer) and ask to meet him. Victor was staying at his flat together with two other guys. When Annie met him up, she asked why he keeps on pushing himself to Jennifer. Victor answered that he did all those things because of his great love for Jennifer and not even once, he did not think of killing her; besides, it has been a long time since he met Jennifer for the last time. Annie was quite convinced with Victor’s statement and she asked him to stay in the town for they might need him during the investigation. After thanking him, Annie left.

Arthur Banks (Roy and Alan’s father) really wants to know who really killed Roy. He asked Alan so many questions about it but Alan is covering the dark side of his brother and didn’t allow him to know for their protection. Arthur Banks asked Alan about Roy’s acquaintances and Alan managed to reveal some people’s names but he didn’t reveal those confidential names for investigation purposes. After chatting, Alan went upstairs to see his mom. Mrs. Banks keeps on uttering Roy’s name unconsciously. Alan kissed her on the forehead and wished her a good night.

Chapter 12

After a little meeting with Brook, Annie packed up her belongings, checked out of the hotel and went to the train station. She was aiming home after all. While waiting for the train, she called the headquarters to check the progress of their investigation. After the call, just after the train stopped for the passengers to fill in, an alarming announcement from the PA system was heard as “Would all passengers kindly leave the train and exit the station”. Everyone paused as if they misheard the announcement when the announcement was repeated; everyone hurriedly grabbed their bag and went off the station.

Banks decided to be back in London on that morning. He had first his breakfast before saying goodbye to his parents. While driving near Welwyn Garden City, he noticed a red Vectra which he thought it’s following him. They were playing cat and mouse games before the Vectra overtook him. When it got near to him, he noticed two men inside, one has ponytail hair and the other one is driving. The ponytail-haired one who is seating beside the driver lifted a pistol with his left hand and the other hand was raised up signifying a hammer symbol. Then it overtook him. Banks tried to go after them but it didn’t make sense; since then, he began to think about his parents’ security.

Roger Cropley was shocked seeing Kev again in front of his door. He asked him what will be the annoyance he brought up to him again. But with somewhat forced hospitality, Roger let him in. Kev was here for a follow-up investigation on Claire Potter’s murder. According to the details, they had gathered that there is a big possibility that Roger is indeed connected to the case. He began to ask Roger about a few things which are not in all times coincidental. A tension in Roger’s feelings is observable. When they reach the point in which their temper was unmanageable, Mrs. Cropley came in and Kev asked her some important things she had observed in his husband’s behavior in the past few days and months. After interviewing her, he turned to Roger again. He told Roger the things that might not be coincidental at all times. When Roger got pissed, he led Kev towards the door and begged him to leave. When Kev got in his car, he noticed some flakes of Roger’s dandruff in his jacket and moved to brush it off and he had a better idea.

Annie managed to make her way in the midst of the shoulder-to-shoulder tight crowd. She was wet and that time before she reached the hotel where she and Banks used to stay years ago. When the evening strikes, she called Brooke for follow-up information on the artist’s sketch; Brooke said he had already faxed the sketch to Eastvale station. After ringing Brooke, she decided to visit Dr. Lukas in her residence.

Meanwhile, Banks met up Burgess at one of the nearby restaurants. They’ve about Burgess’s knowledge of these people who might be involved in Roy’s murder since Burgess is indeed a local police officer. Burgess drags down many names including Lambert’s who had been Roy’s business associate and how harmful he is. Burgess gave banks a flashback on Roy’s partnership with Lambert. After a little chit-chat, Banks’ phone rang for the fourth time. He answered it and found out that it was Annie. Annie called him to give him a lead on their investigation. According to Annie, the person that might have killed  Jennifer – based on  Alf Seaton’s description, is the same as the person who had followed him. She also added that Roy’s girlfriend went through a procedure at Berger Lennox Center. Banks was surprised by what he heard and pulled himself out of that restaurant and headed to Tottenham Court Road tube station.

Chapter 13

Dr. Lukas was shocked when she saw Annie in front of her door; she asked where Annie get her address when it is not on the phone directory. Annie explained that they’re authorities so they can know anyone’s address when they want to. Dr. Lukas let her in and offered her a seat. Annie began to ask her about her life, where she came from, her job, are every piece of-of information she has to ask. At some point, Dr. Lukas confessed that she had told Jenefer about these girls she is helping without compensation. Annie was curious if the girls she was referring to are these what-so-called late girls; Dr. Lukas said yes. When Annie asked about Carmen Petri, Dr. Lukas began to tense, she denied that she knew Carmen. Annie was quite pissed and unsatisfied with Dr. Lukas’ answers, so she stood up and told her that she is not telling the truth and warned her that she will find out. the truth that might harm her. After, she left.

Banks was wet when he arrived at Corinne’s flat for the second time. It was due to heavy rain that almost drowns him in wetness. Corinne had him in and offered to dry his clothes and after she served him a tea. Banks was there again to fix every loose end of the story. While he was having his tea, he began to ask Corinne everything; when they got to the Berger Lennox Center together with Roy, how true she went into the procedure (abortion), what she felt when Roy had a chat with  Jennifer  Clewes at the center and the things alike. Upon hearing  Jennifer  Clewes’ name, Corinne was shocked as she remembered the news about a woman who had been shot; she didn’t expect that it was Jenefer. When he finished interviewing her, he realized that he forgot to check- into a hotel and besides the rain is so heavy so he can’t go out. Corinne reddened as she offered Banks to stay instead of going anywhere. Banks was a little shy and thought of malicious things that might happen during that very night.

Chapter 14

Annie met Alan at the hotel where she’s staying after she had done her yoga exercise. Banks is waiting for her in the table. When she finally arrived, they ordered some stuff for breakfast. While having their breakfast, they discussed the progress of their investigation; the people involved and all the things related to the case. Annie warned Alan if his action when he broke Roy’s house when he used Roy’s phone and kept copies of Roy’s files which were the CD and the mini USB drive that might harm him or might have to drag him into the case. Banks argued that he has no idea that Roy was murdered the time he broke into his house and besides, Roy is his brother and he has the right to stay at his house. In the middle of the discussion about the case, their past relationship had been brought into the conversation. They had a little argument on their past; the reasons why they broke up and some piece of heartily-gotten things. When they’re back into the business, Alan told Annie about Gareth Lambert and on the picture which Roy had taken. They have also discussed Dr. Lukas who is helping these late girls and the possible connection of this job to Jen’s death; Victor Parsons, Jen’s ex-boyfriend; Carmen Petri and every person and angle that might help in solving the case. After Annie warned Alan to be careful in his actions since these men whom they’re apt to might harm him, Alan her in the cheek and left her. Annie went to her room and started packing things as Alan turned his back to her.

Banks went to Malcolm Farrow to personally uniform him about what happened to Roy and has his interview with him to make things clearer. Malcolm offered him gin and tonic but Banks chose the tonic since it was just ten o’clock – not fit to drink gin. As he had finished informing Malcolm who’s in the other case had known already because of the media, Alan brought out a picture and let Malcolm see if the person on the picture looked Luke the person whom Roy went with. Malcolm didn’t promise that it was exactly that person and said he would not swear it to the court but he was quite certain that as he looked unto the picture, the resemblance became more accurate that it was indeed the person whom Roy went with the night he left. Alan looked into Roy’s house through Malcolm’s window and noticed that there were no police lines anymore, he thought that the police had taken already the necessary things for the investigation; he also asked Malcolm if what he had told to the reporters and he replied that same thing he had told him the last time they met. Banks thanked him for Hus time before he went to Roy’s house. As he enters the house using his key, the sorrow tore him as he roamed around inside Roy’s house. He went up to Roy’s office and observed that everything was neat and tidy. As he went to Roy’s room, he had a glass on Amarone on his hand, after a while, the phone rang. It was Annie telling him that the experts found out in the photograph he had given them that in the backgrounds of the person who was tied in the chat were NGS and IFE which coincided in the name of an abandoned factory near the river which is named Midgeley’s Castings: Cast for Life.

So it made sense, the tide experts said that Roy’s body might have been dumped away from where it was found. Anniversary gave the address of the factory before she hangs off.

Kev called DS Browne to report the progress of his investigation on Claire’s murder case, he told her that he went to Roger to make him confess the truth but he failed. But on the other way, he managed to get something that might be helpful in solving the case; he got Roger’s dandruff on his shoulder that could be used as a sample specimen for DNA test they’re going to conduct if ever DS Browne would help him But Browne was hesitant to give Kev what he’s asking since it has no written permission from Roger that he had agreed to give a sample for DNA testing; in short it was illegal and they might be harmed because of it. When Kev told her how they might overcome such if it is going to happen and besides they’re the only persons who knew it.

Banks felt more trepidation as he walked with Annie and Brooke to the factory where Roy might have killed. The factory matches the description of the picture that was sent to him. When they got to the place where the chair might have been positioned and to where Roy might have tortured, they noticed bloodstains on the floor. Each of them had their speculation that those bloodstains were Roy’s. Annie called the SOCO to gather some pieces of evidence like fingerprints, fibers, skin, hair, and any piece of evidence that the murderer might have left including those bloodstains to find out whether those are Roy’s or not.

Chapter 15

Banks did his best to find Gareth Lambert and have an interview with him in connection to Roy’s murder. He had gone to Edgeware Road but Lambert was unavailable. When he went to Chelsea’s flat, he found out Lambert heading towards the door. He approached him and introduced himself as Roy’s brother; and of course, he got a messy welcome. Lambert let him in. Banks asked so many questions to Lambert; how he met Roy, their current and previous businesses, when did the last time he and Roy met, and the happenings when they met at Albion’s club. Lambert, who is somehow forced to tell the story, told every detail he knew as far as he was concerned. But Banks indeed was not satisfied with his testimony and began to put a sour taste in their conversation. After a while, Lambert looked into his watch and left Banks.

Annie had a meeting with the investigators including Gristhorpe for the improvement of their investigation. Annie discussed the Berger-Lennox Center, Carmen Petri and the possible connection of Roy’s murder to  Jennifer’s were discussed by her. After she was Stefan Nowak. Stefan discussed that they had gathered some fingerprints at Banks cottage and tire tracks which best matched the kind of tire that the car Mondeo is using. They had also gathered saliva that could be a source of DNA. They had also gathered some information on the last call Jennifer had made before she was killed. When they were finished, they headed towards the door and had their own ways. Before Annie stepped outside the office, Kev Templeton approached her for some important matters in connection to Claire Potter’s murder. Annie led him to the canteen where they had their business. When their meeting started, Kev began his storytelling session on the possible connection of Roger Cropley to Claire’s murder. He also told her that he managed to get some flakes of dandruff from Roger. That might be used as a specimen for a DNA test. Annie warned him that what he is about to do is illegal in the sense that Roger has no written permission to use his dandruff for some confidential matters. Kev defended that nobody will know except her, him and the doctor who will do the test. It would be not that important for now but it would be their basis if they would continue dragging down Roger’s name to the case. Annie agreed to it not to disappoint Kev. When their chit-chat is about to end, Annie’s phone rang. It was Dr. Lukas who invited Annie for a private one-by-one meeting at the French restaurant in Covent Garden.

After a talk with Gareth Lambert, Banks went to the Albion Club where Roy has last seen. It was late evening but the club was locked. While waiting for the club to open, Banks went to the nearest burger store and had his snacks. When he was tired of waiting, he decided to return to Roy’s house and take a rest. When He got there, he locked the gate and put the keys in his pocket. He entered the room and headed towards the kitchen to look for some stuff. To his surprise, he found a man sitting near the table. He was even more shocked when the man raised his hands and pointed a gun against him.

Chapter 16

“Sit down slowly and put your hands above your head” the man commanded Banks. Banks cursed him and asked him who is he. He even thought that he should’ve had a gun to protect himself from situations like this. The man introduced himself as Dieter Ganz from Interpool. When Banks introduced himself, Dieter kept his gun. Banks was a little nervous while he has a conversation with Dieter due to the previous nervous-generating scenario. His hands are even shaking while he drinks water. They exchanged information about their own investigation. After their chat, Banks poured another glass of wine and drinks it.

Susan, Kev, and Browne went to Roger Cropley’s house to bring new information to him. Roger, according to his staff at his own software firm in London, left at 8:00 o’clock in the evening fitS the time when he might arrive at the place where he might have raped Claire. Roger denies everything. But when Susan revealed that DNA dandruff they had gotten from him matched to the DNA they had gathered as evidence from Claire’s body. Roger was shocked and Susan arrested him.

Annie was halfway late when she reaches the restaurant where she and Dr. Lukas planned to meet. When she arrived, she noticed her at one side of the room where she patiently waited. They had their orders and began to start with their business. Dr. Lukas is ready to tell everything she knew. But before she started telling the story, she first narrated the story of her life to make Annie understand why she did such things. Dr. Lukas grew up in one of the poor towns in Ukraine; motivated by poverty, she pursued her study and became a successful doctor and went to London to have a better life. When she started working in the Berger – Lennox Center, everything went fine at first until the time she met these “late girls”. These “late girls” are women who had been forcedly commercialized by some money-blind men. They were kidnapped or some were offered a job outside of Ukraine where they peacefully stayed. Most of them are teenagers and minors. One day, these girls came to her office together with armed men. These armed men asked Dr. Lukas to make service for these girls for free, in other words, free consultation, if she’s not going to do such, her family will be harmed. Dr. Lukas who has compassion for these girls agreed without hesitation. Lately, she let Jennifer know about such a business since she was the administrator of the center.  Jennifer felt compassion for these girls and didn’t contradict and even help to sustain such business for free. One day, a pregnant woman Named Carmen Petri told Jennifer all that she knew about the organization. Carmen was not locked in the room like other girls since she was pretty and the men came to him with a much higher price. Dr. Lukas also told Annie the locations where these girls can be found as what had been told by Carmen to her. She also added that she told all those things to Annie late since she settled first her family in New York to avoid future complications. Annie thanked her and after, she left.

Banks went for the second time to Albion Country Club. There, he first met the guard and he had managed to show his ID to him and introduced himself.   He first asked the guard if he had seen Roy last Friday together with Gareth, the guard said yes and reminded him not to make trouble inside. Banks went inside the club and managed to ask the lady in the counter named Maria. Maria was hospitable and charming. She told Banks that Roy went to the club with Mr. Gareth about ten in the evening. They had talked seriously at the table near the counter. Roy went to the telephone and called somebody. After leaving, Gareth went to the comfort room and get back to the table where they had their meeting. Banks speculated that maybe the time Roy went to the telephone is the time when he called Jennifer and the time that Gareth went to the comfort room is the time when he asked somebody to kill Roy or  Jennifer.

Chapter 17

The sun was up when the SO19 of the Metropolitan Force Firearms unit at Scotland Yard was briefed. Annie and Brooke gathered with the specialist firearms officers outside the house near King’s Cross around Wharfdale Road. This team is about to raid the house where these minors are hidden according to Dr. Lukas. They had a flawless plan before they exercised it. When the team entered the backdoor of the house, there was no shot that can be noticed. The officer signaled her that she is allowed to enter now. There were four men arrested and one has his baseball bat. The women screamed and some cried. Annie and Brooke entered the room where these young women were imprisoned. One girl from the team named Veronika called Annie and led her to the room where a young girl is lying.

The girl is thin, naked and can barely move her body with blood crusted between her nose and upper lip. Annie covered her with a sheet and asked someone to call the ambulance. Annie asked the young girl if she talks in English but the girl nodded. According to Veronika, the girl had never been given food for the past three days since she didn’t comply with what these bad men are asking for which is to have sex with them and with the other customers. When Annie asked Veronika about Hadeon Mazuryk, the one who owns such business, Veronika nodded. When she asked about Carmen Petri, she turned her back to Annie and said Carmen is beautiful and therefore, she doesn’t have to go to the street to look for customers but the customers will come for her. When Annie asked where she can be found, Veronika said that there is another house where Carmen Petri is staying.

Alan didn’t seriously take the issue of being banned from the King’s Cross’ raid, he was lucky since there are lots of things he’s going to do that day, he said to himself. Alan tried his best to connect all the information he had gathered from all sources. Banks weighed the statement of Dr. Lukas and the testimony of the young lady from the Albion Club that said Lamberth had gone to the toilet after Roy left. Banks suspected that maybe Lamberth called somebody to kill Roy. When the puzzle seemed to be clear, he decided to go to Aylesbury to meet Mrs. Lamberth to gather more information.

The second house is about a mile away from the first. They have to move quickly since Mazuryk might have been informed already with the raid in King’s Cross. Before they set the second raid, they first had a quick plan. When they got there, half of the men entered at the back door and half at the front. Unlike the other house’s raid where there were no gunshots that can be heard, here is different. Bullets seemed to be raining for a moment. When there were no gunshots that can be heard, Annie and Brooke were signaled to enter. Only one of the raiders got hit in the chest but the life vest worked well. There, he found two men dead who are Hadeon Mazuryk and Boris. In one room, there located Carmen Petri. She is pregnant and still shaking from what happened. Annie asked her a few questions. According to Carmen, she was kidnapped when she was sixteen in their town and then she was brought to London.

Just like any other girl, she was forced to do such things that are against her will. But Carmen is beautiful which attracts many men who offered a high price for her. Thus, she doesn’t have to go to the streets to look for customers. When she got pregnant, one man offered Mazuryk to buy her baby. Blinded by a high price that a man promised, Mazuryk cannot afford to hurt Carmen since the baby might get hurt. It was time for Carmen to tell Dr. Lukas and Jenefer the things she knew about the illegal activities that they were into. According to her, she told the things she told Jenefer to Mazuryk after seeing her talking to Jenefer; if she didn’t, they would torture her which may harm her baby. When Carmen had finished telling Annie all the things she knew about the organization, she asked Annie what would happen to them and Annie replied that she didn’t know.

Banks got to Mrs. Lamberth’s residence and asked her a few questions. Mrs. Lamberth, who is a Spanish actress, told Banks that they have an ill six-month-old baby with heart failure and has to be transplanted. Her husband Lamberth told her that they’re on the top of the list for heart transplant beneficiaries. Mrs. Lamberth also clarified that they never planned to adopt a baby. When Banks finished asking her questions, he puzzled up that Gareth made her wife believe that they’ll have a heart donor for in fact Gareth would buy Carmen’s baby and get its heart that will be used for transplant. That might be the reason why he betrayed his friend Roy by killing him so that there will be no hindrances to his plan that might harm his baby. With anger bursting, he left the Lamberth’s residence and find Gareth.

When Annie got back to the headquarters, she and together with the investigators of Claire Potter’s murder reported the success of their investigations after they puzzled up the missing pieces. Gristhorpe congratulated them all and they celebrated for the job-well-done.

After patiently tracking Gareth, Banks found him in a travel agency that is owned by him. Gareth was surprised and Banks shoved him in the car. He drove him to the old factory where Roy had been beaten and killed. When they got there, Banks made Gareth remember the day they tortured Roy. Banks forced Gareth to confess the things he had done but Gareth is reluctant and even threatens Banks that he will report him to the authority. Banks didn’t mind Gareth’s threat because anger drives him, he gets a steel bar and hits Gareth at the different parts of his body which made him confess. Gareth told Banks that the time they went to the Albion Club, Roy asked him to stop his business which is to trade young girls which Roy himself is an investor and has no idea what the business is into. But Gareth can’t afford to just let his daughter die; that’s why he called Mazuryk and told him that Roy is going to reveal to his brother police their business. Without hesitation, Mazuryk tortured Roy before he killed him and  Jennifer, who has been monitored after talking to  Carmen was killed also. Banks have almost killed Gareth after he confessed, but he realized that it is better if it will go through the right process.

A few days later, while Banks reminisced the things he has gone through in the past days and the justice he had gotten for Roy, he noticed Penny approaching. He set himself aside to let her pass but Penny stopped. She asked for forgiveness about her reaction to Banks’ invitation and explained why she acted such. According to her, it’s because it was awkward to go out for a date with a man who accuses her of killing her best friend years ago. After a little argumentation and when Penny turned her back to go to the club where she is a singer, Banks called her and asked to continue his invitation, but without any luck, Penny said: “I don’t think so”.