Structure of a Concept Paper

There are conventional ways to structure your concept paper. However, you may vary the heading, subheading and their content and arrangement depending on the nature of your project.

If you want to obtain funding for your project and you’re submitting your concept paper to a funding agency, you may outline your concept paper this way:

Parts of a Concept Paper for a Funding Agency/Organization

Cover Page

  • name of the proponents and the organization to which they belong
  • contact information
  • date of submission


  • reasons why the funding agency should fund your project

Rationale or Background

  • the need that will be addressed by your project
  • the project’s significance

Project Description

  • goals and objectives of your project; benefits and methodology
  • evaluation of success of outcomes; indicators of achievement

Project Needs and Cost

  • main budget (with item description and amount)
  • personnel or equipment needed

The following basic information should comprise the content of your concept paper if your concept paper is a prelude to your academic research:

Parts of a Concept Paper for an Academic Research

Title Page 

  • research title
  • name and school
  • date of submission

Background of the Study 

  • current state of the field you are researching on
  • reasons why you want to undertake your research topic
  • practical implications of your proposed research

Preliminary Literature Review

  • theoretical framework
  • related studies
  • brief synthesis of the reviewed literature and studies

Statement of the Problem/Objectives 

  • general problem
  • specific research questions or objectives

Abridged Methodology

  • contexts and participants
  • instruments, data collection, data analysis


  • time frame (set in months and year)


  • list of all books, journals, and other learning resources