Types of Speech Act

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John L. Austin (1962) espoused the Speech Act Theory, and this was developed by John Searle (1969). Austin divided the speech acts into locution or the actual utterance, illocution or the real intended meaning, and perlocution or the actual effect or response.

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Teaching Guide: Functions of Communication

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During the lesson, the learners will: 1. Introduction: Share common scenarios where they make use of communication to complete a transaction. 2. Motivation: Dramatize an anecdote they have shared thru a pantomime. 3. Instruction/Delivery: Discusses the 5 basic functions of communication highlighting the speaker’s purpose. 4. Practice: Watch a video and identify the speaker’s purpose. 5. Enrichment: Role play a scenario and identify the purpose of the speaker. 6. Evaluation: Write 250-word essay based on objective observation of the various speakers watched and listened to.

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