Teaching Guide: Nature and Elements of Communication

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LESSON OUTLINE: During the lesson, the learners will: 1. Introduction: Define communication through a graphic organizer. 2. Motivation: Pass the message and observe how it is being transmitted from one person to another. 3. Instruction/Delivery: Draw a diagram that depicts the communication process. 4. Practice: Explain the process of communication based on the diagram. 5. Enrichment: Identify the basic elements of communication and their purpose in the communication process. 6. Evaluation: Draw their family’s communication diagram.

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Learning Plan: The Nature and Process of Communication

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Communication is a process of sharing and conveying messages or information from one person to another within and across channels, contexts, media, and cultures (McCornack, 2014). There is a wide variety of contexts and situations in which communication can be manifested; it can be a face-to-face interaction, a phone conversation, a group discussion, a meeting or interview, a letter correspondence, a class recitation, and many others.

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