Stating the Main Idea of a Text

  • Post last modified:February 17, 2020

The main idea is the thesis or main point of an informational text. It can be expressed anywhere in a material or paragraph, either at the beginning or middle, or at the end. If stated at the beginning, then you can expect the sentences that follow to support or develop the main idea. This is what you call deductive order. If the thesis or main idea is expressed at the end, then the earlier statements are details/specifics that build up on the main point or general statement. This text follows the deductive order.

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How to Use Thesis Statement as a Writing Strategy?

  • Post last modified:February 12, 2020

The thesis statement is the main idea of your paper that is usually conveyed in one declarative sentence. It serves as a summary of your writing and gives your viewpoint about a particular topic. It is like a signpost that tells your readers what to expect from your essay. Through the thesis statement, you guide your readers by briefly explaining your argument, giving clues on how you will defend your claim.

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