Technology Assessment and Operations Viability

In order to get the enterprise going, the entrepreneur must go through the intricacies of detailing the operations that would be required by the business, which also includes technology assessment. By going through this process, the entrepreneur would be able to determine whether the product or service offering will meet customer demand or not. There are at least four target customer expectations affecting the scale and complexity of an enterprise’s operations:

  1. Quantities demanded. This would determine the needed capacity of operations.
  2. Quality specifications demanded. This would dictate the following: (a) quality of input or raw materials; (b) quality assurance process in transforming input to output; (c) quality output that meet the operations, standards set; and (d) quality outcomes for the customers who will be looking for specific results.
  3. Delivery expectations. Knowing how much, how frequent, and when to deliver to customers.
  4. Price expectations. The selling price of the product or service would be evaluated by the customers according to the value they would receive (in terms of quality, delivery, and quantity) and this value-added should be matched against competitors.