The Benefits of Recycling Paper

Recycling paper has benefits. First, recycling can help you save more trees. You can also earn money by recycling. Apparently, producing tons of paper means cutting more trees. Cutting trees, especially illegal logging, leads to deforestation. Deforestation, on the other hand, destroys the natural habitat of animals, which can lead to the extinction of some species. During typhoons or hurricanes, deforested mountains become more prone to soil erosion. Consequently, erosions can be very destructive and life-threatening to people. If we save trees, these problems can be avoided. Indeed, saving more trees by reducing the production of new paper through recycling can save the lives of both humans and animals.

You can also earn and save money by recycling. Earning money through recycling is simple and easy. There are nearby establishments that buy and recycle paper. Junk shops, for instance, buy piles of used paper, old newspapers, and cartons for recycling purposes. A kilo of used paper amounts to a certain price, and the more kilos of used paper you are able to sell, the more money you can earn. Recycling also helps you minimize your expenses. Instead of buying new cleaning rags, you can use old newspapers to clean and polish glass windows and mirrors. You can use old newspapers and magazines to cover your books and notebooks. By selling used paper, you can have extra money to buy something special for yourself. Instead of buying expensive room decorations, you can transform old pieces of paper into colorful and unique wallpaper designs and creative pieces of artwork like origami. Hence, you do not only save or earn money through recycling but also develop your creativity and resourcefulness. Also, the absence of trees contributes to air pollution which, statistically, is proven to cause contagious and deadly respiratory illnesses. Indeed, recycling paper can do wonders. It can save your life, give you money, and develop your art skills. Start recycling paper now!