The Discoveries of Animal Testing

Scientist now a days, used animals for their research experiment, making a new product, developed a new medicine to ensure that it is safe to use but, this must be stop. As humans decide the fate of animals in research settings, the rights of the animals are stripped without any thought of their well-being or the nature of their lives.

Animal testing should be banned because it disregard the animal rights, it causes pain and suffering to those experimental animal. A large proportion of animal experiments in the EU are reported to cause animals “mild” to “serious” “suffering” according to the researchers who perform them. During 2018, moderate or extreme suffering affected 31 per cent of animal experiments in the UK.

Many studies require that the animal die during the study. Regulatory tests for Botox, vaccines, and some chemical safety tests, for example, are simply variants of the brutal deadly dosage 50 test, in which 50% of the animals die or are killed near death that is why using animal for testing should be banned. Animals should therefore not be used in experiments or for evaluating product safety. Animals feel pain in many of the same ways as humans do and in addition, their responses to pain are virtually identical (for example, human and animal screams). When used for drug exposure testing or laboratory studies, animals are exposed to painful and often lethal tests.

Some people, however, claim that animal testing is acceptable because the animals are killed to make products healthier for human use. The problem with this logic is that there is usually little concern for the health, well-being and quality of life of the animals. Sheila Silcock, a research specialist for the RSPCA, says in an article entitled “Is your experiment really necessary?”: “Animals may be the recipients of animal experiments themselves, but the importance we put on the quality of their lives is dictated by their perceived value to humans” Improving the lives of human beings should not justify torturing and exploiting animals. The importance that humans put on their own lives should also be applied to animals ‘ lives.

However, when it is used in science, the rights of animals are abused. Tom Regan, professor of philosophy at North Carolina State University, says: “Animals get a simple moral right to fair treatment. This basic principle is not upheld when animals are reduced to pure instruments in a scientific experiment” and also Tom Reagan asserts that “Animals are subjects of life just as human beings are, and a subject of life has a real value.”