Character Analysis | the Flood by Emile Zola

Louis Roubien

The author describes Louis as an old rich, selfless, loving farmer that has a   family of 11 family members that works hard to sustain the needs for himself and his family at Saint Jory. He had to battle the ground for almost 14 years to achieve his goal. He risks everything to get his family a convenient life to live. He also was a loving person, he didn’t want anything bad will happen to his family when the flood happened, that is why he doesn’t mostly agree to such suggestions during the tragedy because he knows something will happen bad to them. He always encourages his family that even though they have no more wealth but as long as they have each other that is the only thing that matters.


The brother of Louis, an old bachelor and retired sergeant. He was a joyful person and a nervous person. He plays games with the children in the story and invented games for the kids and told stories about his regiment. He feels nervous in the story, especially about the tragedy that happened because he wants to make the family alright.  By his nervousness, it is also a form of indirect warning to Louis that he must do something in order to save the family. But Pierre somehow has poor spirit; he easily surrenders if he can’t handle it anymore. At the last moment of his life, he surrendered and he is generous enough to give more space in the raft to have more chances to survive.


The joyful and encouraging son of Louis. They toured in the farm along with Louis joyfully and even thought that their family has some kind of relation with Gods. He encourages the family to still fight what they are facing now.


The hopeful wife of Jacques. She is very hopeful to be saved but unfortunately died with her husband.


One of the daughters of Rosie and Jacques. She was married to Cyprien, a loving girl that truly love Cyprien. Through his unconditional love for Cyprein, she wanted to die with Cyprien by joining Him trying the impossible. She is also dumb that she even brought the kids with them, that they already know it is hard to get into a safe place if they are many. Death was the only option for them


The brave husband of Amie. They tried the impossible; he wants to know if there is a way to the church by going to the rooftop in order to save their family one by one. But unfortunately, he failed his mission, the flood take over him. But still, it’s the bravest thing that a family member can do.


One of the daughters of Rosie and Jacques. She was betrothed to Gaspard. The girl has full faith in everyone that they can resolve this. But her faith just led her to a higher plane of existence with Gaspard, that she fully trust that he can save all of them.


The eldest son of a farmer of Maronges. The man that has a fire in his heart, that wants to be saved and wants to save. He put his almighty strength to budge the raft and tried to save Veronique by carrying her in his arms to swim to the church. Even though he failed, but he and Veronique died together with each other’s last moment.


One of the daughters of Rosie and Jacques, a fair young lady. She is such a poor girl that never had to continue her dreams; she also surrendered because she cannot take it anymore and entered water slowly covering her body until she disappears.


The sister of Louis is joyful as ever, her laugh can be heard at the other side of the village. She is a caring and loving sister. She was a faithful woman, and she always makes the sign of the cross because she knows that God has a plan for each one of their family.


The two servants had pity on the animals because for a long time they were the ones who take care of them. Unfortunately, they died because they wanted to get their money in order to survive after they survive the flood.

Two men, three women. They are the ones who warned the people about what they saw, running in the road hopeless that is why as their last moment, they warned the people about the flood that was fast approaching.