Setting Analysis | The Flood by Emile Zola

Saint Jory

The place where the family of Louis begins and ends. This was the place where Louis fought with the ground for almost 14 years. The place of the happy moments of the family of Louis. Sorrow and sadness will also be remembered in this place, because of the flood that occurred out of nowhere. The Struggle that Louis and his family are remembered by this place not only his struggle but also other people living in this place. The death of many people and agriculture happened in this certain place.

House of Louis

The joyful moments of the family of Louis had happened here in this place. This is the shelter of his family. All memories are stuck in here, especially when death has entered their house. They were so sad about their loss especially there lot and house, they thought that they will start over again but instead, they will start a new journey to a higher place of existence.