The Process of Creative Writing

To most beginning writers, writing is a difficult task because it calls for the right skills. Writing should not be regarded in that way because all it takes is to learn the writing process. It is comprised of steps to follow in order to come up with a well-written work. Teachers who facilitate writing activities must tackle the writing process before giving the writing task. A thorough discussion of the steps in the writing process can help solve writer’s block. Writing can be made more enjoyable and thrilling by observing the following steps:

1. Pre-writing.

This is the stage when writers choose a topic, generate ideas, gather information, and create an outline through the use of charts and diagrams. Stating the purpose for writing and the target readers may be done at this phase.

2. Writing the draft.

Writers work on their preliminary compositions based on their outlined ideas and information. In this stage, the work must be organized in order to present a clear and specific idea. Unity and coherence are achieved by checking the topic along with its supporting details. The purpose for writing must be reflected in the draft.

3. Revising.

This stage involves evaluating, rewriting, and modifying the written work. This entails restating, adding, or deleting sentences as needed. This is also the stage where the writer may examine whether the substance and writing style are suitable for the target readers.

4. Editing.

At this phase, writers look for errors in spelling, grammar, and structure. It is the proofreading stage in the writing process. Writers edit their work to enhance the writing mechanics as well as their style. Letting other writers proofread one’s work is advantageous since their feedback will also serve as a guide.

5. Publishing.

The final step is accomplished by sharing the final output with a group. A well-written composition may be published in print or through online or digital publishing.