The Process of Report Writing

What are the processes involved in writing a report? A report is defined as a document that examines an issue or topic. It usually suggests actions to solve a particular problem and makes recommendations after a study. The following should be considered in writing a report:

1. Decide on what sections to include.

Write the findings section and then the discussion. Read the plan again and decide on a systematic order for the highlighted points and evidence. Give each point a heading. Other sections such as introduction, methodology (if applicable), conclusion, and recommendations should be found.

2. Write clearly and concisely.

Answer the research problem. A paragraph must contain the main idea—which is usually the first sentence—followed by statements that will elaborate, explain, or support the topic sentence. Research reports are usually written in the past tense. Jargon must be avoided so that the report can be easily understood.

3. Cite references carefully and accurately.

Always acknowledge your sources properly. Paraphrasing is a must.

4. Edit several times.

Is the report complete, coherent, and correct? Are the ideas, claims, and arguments presented clearly and discussed logically? Proofread for spelling, punctuation marks, and grammatical errors. Read and reread the draft. Reading it aloud may help check mistakes. Also check the layout, table of contents, references, title page, etc.