Types of Instructional Materials

The following are the common types of instructional materials that are used in schools. Though with the emergence of technology, some schools have adopted the electronic means, most schools are still using conventional instructional materials because of their undeniable significance.


  • Main reference for the entire course
  • Usually chosen by the school
  • Reflects the minimum learning competencies for specific levels
  • Arranged in units or chapters which can be labeled according to themes, topics, skills, grammar structures or functions depending on the syllabus type followed.
  • Contains readings, teaching points, drills, activities, and tasks for every day lessons

Workbooks or Skillbooks

  • Usually accompanies the textbook
  • Provides exercises and drills on specific skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Presents reinforcement and remedial activities to support lessons in the textbooks

Teacher’s Books, Teacher’s Manuals, or Teacher’s Guides

  • Contains a detailed rationale for  textbook
  • Explain the scope and the sequence for the lessons
  • Includes introductory notes on how to use the textbooks, specific objectives for each lessons and suggested strategies for teaching the lessons
  • Provides guidance in planning the lessons from materials to suggested activities

Work Texts

  • Combines the features of the textbooks and workbooks
  • Provides teaching points like those in the textbook
  • Reinforces the teaching points with many drills and exercises just like those that contain an A-Z or practical suggestions for teaching

Modules and Self-Learning Kits (SLKs)

  • More interactive than the other types of written IMs that appear in the workbook
  • Develops independent study through self-paced instruction
  • Contains post-test, pre-test, lesson inputs, exercises and drills – provisions for self-paced learning

Reference Books

  • Provides general information on various topics
  • Includes encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, manuals, etc.

Multimedia Instructional materials

  • Audio and Visual materials accessible through various media like radio, television and the computer
  • Also includes interactive courseware on various topics