Using Constructive Feedback to Resolve Disagreements

Disagreements will always be present in human relationships. However, using good oral communication skills can help resolve disagreements so that relationships are repaired and maintained. One important skill in resolving disagreements is giving constructive feedback. This kind of feedback is characterized by a desire to help build up the other party. It uses the power of words to fix any hurt where someone feels he or she was treated unfairly. In addition, constructive feedback recognizes the good intentions of others. It affirms their desire to develop mutual understanding and reach an acceptable consensus by dealing with any disagreement or negativity. That is why giving positive feedback before tactfully giving a comment on anything negative is very important. Such feedback possesses the qualities of humility, tolerance, and kindness. King Solomon once said, “a soft answer turns away wrath.” Wise men have always valued the importance of the manner of speaking in producing smooth relationships. Constructive feedback comes out of a person’s desire to really resolve disagreements.