Why write creatively?

Young writers often face the question, “How do I motivate myself to write creatively?” In the classroom, they are encouraged to write and produce something meaningful and insightful. They are given a certain topic or theme to work on even if they are not familiar with it or not interested in it. They find themselves writing in class simply to comply with the subject requirements. In creative writing, this must be avoided since it does not motivate one to write. Effective writing is only achieved by an inspired and well-motivated writer. Before engaging in this creative task, one should know the answers to this question: Why do we write? Below are some good reasons.

Write to be Entertained

Writing may be a challenging task, but it gives one a sense of fulfillment. Once the writer has started, he or she becomes drawn to writing. Some writers might not even put down their pen or might lock themselves in their room so that they can focus on their writing. This requires choosing a topic that aligns with one’s interests. Writing will even spice up one’s life as one tries to explore one’s inner self and everything around the writer.

Write to Share Your Ideas and Emotions

There are instances when one cannot share thoughts and ideas freely. One good solution instead of gathering the courage to express these verbally is to try writing all of them down. There are also some ideas and emotions that must be kept private. One can write without having to consider what others might think. Writing can be a venue for individuals to present their views freely and be appreciated by all kinds of readers.

Write to Be the Person You Wish to Be

Writing inspires us to become what we intend to be, and enables us to use our imagination. It is through writing that we are able to create characters that illustrate our personality or our other side. Our creativity becomes limitless because readers tend to appreciate unique and extraordinary characters. We achieve self-expression without having to worry about people’s reactions. We can be a superhero, a celebrity, a politician, or anyone we dream of becoming.

Write to Touch People’s Lives

If you have the gift of writing, you should make good use of it in order to influence others. Your work might be compelling enough to move people and allow them to take a stand on a certain issue. Your writing might even be an instrument to touch people’s hearts and enable them to renew their ways of living. You can inspire them to be better individuals through your written work.