How to Write an Application or Cover Letter?

After polishing your resume, you can now write the job application letter, also known as the cover letter. This is a letter that accompanies your resume and highlights the strengths that you have listed. 

An application letter is a document that provides additional information about a job applicant. An application letter is sent to the employer together with the resume as an attachment. The main purpose of the applicant as he/she writes the ‘cover letter is to provide a more detailed information about the his/her preferred job position, qualifications, reasons for choosing the company or organization, and relevant skills and work experiences in order to secure an interview with the employer.

The parts of the cover are as follows: 


This part opens the letter and specifies the position that you are applying for. Here are some tips in writing an attention-grabbing introduction, along with some examples:

  • Name the source of your information specifically.
    • Grace Chua, a staff member of your human resources division, has informed me that your company is looking for a marketing assistant.
    • Your advertisement in section C5 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for a computer technician interests me very much.
  • State the job title and explain how your qualifications match its requirements. 
    • Will a valedictorian of her high school batch and one year of part-time experience in tutoring grade school pupils qualify for your opening of a tutor in your review center? 


This part emphasizes your strongest points and shows how you meet the employer’s needs. It is also essential to highlight the benefits that the organization will get from accepting you. Compare the examples below:

  • I have taken electives in advanced composition and research writing.
  • Electives in advanced composition and research writing have adequately trained me in report writing, one of the writing skills the job calls for.

Go back to your resume, and then select the qualification which you believe is most fitting for the job. Look for ways to connect your experience to practical situations required in the job posting, as is seen below:

  • Your advertisement notes that you are looking for a lab assistant with good analytical skills. I led our school’s delegation to the National Science Fair of the Department of Science and Technology, where we competed in the case analysis category and won second place. I believe this achievement proves my exceptional analytical skills. 

You can also use this part of the letter to showcase your personality. Choose the best, instances that reveal your ability to lead, work in a team, and communicate. Examine this paragraph: 

  • Apart from developing my academic skills in high school, my extensive extracurricular activities have honed my leadership and interpersonal skills. As treasurer of the student council, I was entrusted with the collection and auditing of the students’ organization fees. Apart from ensuring transparency in the council’s financial records, I spearheaded a successful fundraising activity: establishing a recyclables fair in our school. These roles involved conceptualizing the event, liaising with external partners, and encouraging 100 students in our batch to contribute in reaching our goal of eliminating the use of plastic in our canteen. These activities, and more, have trained me in becoming an efficient leader and I am excited to apply my learning to your organization. 

And finally, do not forget to remind the reader that they can learn more about you by referring them to your attached resume. 


This part of the letter is where you request for an interview. Remember to sound enthusiastic and appreciative, and do not forget to include your contact information.

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